4 Things You Should Ask a Divorce Lawyer During Your Consultation

When you’ve decided to initiate a divorce, you might feel overwhelmed not only by the situation you’re currently in, but by the availability of legal representation, as well. If you plan to hire an attorney to help you with your case, be sure to ask these four questions to make sure you’re advancing your divorce matters in Denver with the right approach.

#1: Can I have a timeline and cost estimate for my case?

Two of the biggest concerns for people filing for divorce include the timeline and the overall cost of the process. During your consultation with a Denver divorce attorney, you’ll want to ask about how much the case is going to cost you (including all of the fees the attorney might add) and how long it might take to finalize your divorce.

#2: Do you specialize in divorce cases?

Asking a Denver divorce lawyer about their experience with divorce cases is perfectly reasonable, and it’s expected. Plenty of people who are stepping into divorce proceedings want to feel that they’re in good hands. As such, asking an attorney about whether they specialize in handling divorce cases should be on your list of questions to go over. If you want to work with a law professional who handles divorces most of the time rather than one who has only taken on only a few, you’re well within your rights to ask.

#3: Do you recommend negotiating or going to court?

Asking this question when talking to a divorce lawyer in Denver can help you determine whether you and the potential divorce lawyer are on the same page. If you want to ensure that your divorce proceeds with as little conflict as possible, you might want to work with an attorney that focuses on negotiating. If you know that the case is going to be very difficult and you need an attorney that will fight for you, you might want to choose one that feels comfortable going to trial.

#4: Will you be the only attorney handling my case?

If you’re hiring an attorney to represent you during your divorce, there’s probably a reason you plan to work with the one you chose. Before signing a contract, though, clarify whether the attorney you chose will be the only one handling your case. Make sure they’re not going to hand your case off to a lawyer in their firm that you’ve never met. If you’re okay with a team of lawyers overseeing your case, ask the attorney if you can meet the rest of the team.

For individuals seeking a divorce in the Denver area, you’re more than welcome to reach out to the COLaw Team. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys and we will answer all of the questions you may have for us.