Nobody plans on having legal problems, particularly criminal issues. But it happens, and unfortunately, lots of young people will have their first encounter with the law while in college. Particularly common with university students are Driving Under the Influence, Biking Under the Influence (yes, it’s a thing), and Minor in Possession charges. Situations involving assault, domestic violence charges, or on-campus administrative hearings also present situations in which a student might need an experienced defense attorney.

My Denver and Fort Collins based criminal defense firm takes on a fair number of university students as clients throughout the Front Range. Many come into the office terrified and uncertain of what to expect from the criminal justice system and the impacts on school and pocketbooks. While I can’t do much to reduce the fear that comes with facing a criminal matter (aside from providing an unwavering defense, which I always do), there are a number of questions about finding a defense attorney that I can address at the outset.

You DON’T Need to Take the Day Off Classes

Getting set up with an attorney isn’t a difficult or stressful process – at least it doesn’t need to be. Here’s what will happen when you contact Colorado Lawyer Team Offices:

  1. Fill out an easy and simple online form with your information and some background about what’s going on, including the specific charges you’re facing, witnesses against you, and other interested parties.
  2. Find a time through the online scheduler for a free, initial 30-minute consultation via phone to chat about your case.
  3. Get back to studying; you’ll hear from us soon.
  4. Seriously, get back to studying.

My staff will process the information you provide, including checking to make sure that the firm doesn’t have any conflicts that would prohibit us from taking your case. We also assess our other client caseload before committing to represent you (because it’s not fair to any clients if we have too many clients).

After talking with you a bit and learning more about the intricacies of your case and situation, I can provide you a quote at the end of the call. It’s that easy.

You Don’t Need to Empty Your Bank Account

“It’s that easy until I get the quote” is what you might be thinking. But hear me out.

A quality, experienced attorney can be expensive; I’m not going to deny that. You’ll be surprised, though, to discover how affordable it really is to have my firm on your defense team.

My fee structure is not one-size-fits-all: it depends on the situation and the needs of the case. So don’t worry about having to empty your bank account and sell your bike before you contact me. During our initial consultation, we’ll talk about what kind of fee structure I can offer to clients in your situation.

We’ll also talk about what kind of fee structure and arrangement I can offer you, specifically. I work with my clients to make quality legal advice affordable. Serving Coloradoans and students across the Front Range is important to me. We can explore payment plans, I can take payment from parents or other family members, I accept credit cards – you may even qualify for discounted legal services (full time students and veterans automatically get 25% off!). There are options, so don’t automatically assume that you can’t afford an attorney. Talk to me first!

You DO Need a Defense Attorney

Lots of people try to navigate the criminal process without an attorney. Cost is usually at the root of this, but the legal system is just not a good place to skimp and save.

Criminal cases, by definition, can potentially impact your rights, privileges, and freedoms. This is important for anyone involved in a criminal case to remember, but it’s particularly important for college students because so much of their professional and personal life has yet to be defined. With reputation, education, and future employment opportunities on the line, there’s no question as to whether a defense attorney should be involved.

That being said, there are those cases in which it might cost more to hire a lawyer than to just pay the fines. You can trust me to be honest with you if I think your case is one of those.

You DO need to act fast – the criminal system will move without you

One of the most important things to remember when you’re looking for a defense attorney is to look quickly. There are lots of deadlines that you might not know about, and you don’t always get a second shot at them. It’s never too early to get me involved in your case, trust me.

Contact me online to get started. I serve students across the Front Range and have offices in Denver and Fort Collins. Let Justie get Justice for You!