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About Nicol Gersch Petterson

Serving Family Law and Criminal Defense Clients In Denver & Greenwood Village, But Also All Major Metro Areas, I-70 Mountains, and Northeastern Colorado

The origin story of Nicol Gersch Petterson (NGP) started in 2015, when Justie Nicol started her solo law firm, Nicol Law Offices.  Since then, multiple team members, an entirely new practice area, and two partners have been added. What was once Nicol Law Offices is now NGP, a full-fledged criminal defense and family law practice built to be the law firm of the future.

The current iteration of NGP rolled out in 2019 when long-time colleagues and friends, Justie Nicol, Jennifer Gersch, and Brandi Petterson looked around at the legal community and realized partnering up was the way to go.  Currently, we have an all-woman team by happy accident.  But our partners know what it means to strive for work-life balance and flexibility in practice.  After all, our clients usually have jobs and can’t work on their cases 8-5, so it’s no surprise they call their lawyers office on weekends and evenings.  Our NGP phones are manned 24 hours a day for just this reason!

Justie Nicol
Jenn Gersch
Brandi Petterson

Not only are Justie, Jenn, and Brandi working together now, but they’ve litigated cases together for about 15 years–all the way back to their Moot Court days at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. With Justie’s undergrad degree in Accounting and Political Science, and Jenn’s undergrad in Marketing, they are better prepared than almost every other small firm in terms of understanding what it takes to run the “business side” of a law firm. Brandi’s addition of a degree in English means we’re able to crush not only written pleadings, but we’re also able to communicate effectively with our clients (no legalese here!).

NGP is passionate about giving back and setting a good example for other attorneys.  Our partners are active in their bar association and mentoring groups to help younger attorneys serve clients well.

Criminal Defense

Justie and Jenn have been practicing criminal defense multiple decades in total, and they both cut their teeth trying cases as Deputy District Attorneys–Jenn in Weld County, and Justie in the 18th Judicial District (Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln). Although there are several women who practice in this high-intensity area of law, there are not many women-owned/women-led criminal defense firms with whole teams available to clients to help them through their respective situations.

Nicol Gersch Petterson is focused on doing what’s best for clients holistically, and not just pleading your case out to move onto the next one as quickly as possible. Being women, Justie and Jenn tend to be more empathetic to client’s problems, more creative in their solutions, and more persistent in court.

Family Law

Brandi has been doing family law since 2008. She found her calling as an associate for a large family law firm in Denver, and has ran her own practice with another partner for several years prior to launching NGP with Justie and Jenn. Brandi excels at being able to relate to people and help them through some of the most challenging times of their lives. She particularly loves helping people through mediation but isn’t afraid to fight for her clients in contested cases, either.

NGP is proud to stand side by side with our family law clients to let them know they’re not in their domestic relations case alone. We’re here to help. Brandi and the family law support staff at NGP are always available to handle any family law emergency that may arise. One-on-one attention is what we excel at!

How We Can Help You!

Getting an Experienced Attorney to Handle Your Case Can Create Peace of Mind

Your legal team should not treat you as a number or just a file full of papers. Our clients get personalized attention every step of the way. They can book an update call any time they want by using our automated calendaring system. Our phones are manned 24 hours a day. Each lawyer has support staff dedicated to their clients to ensure that even if the attorney isn’t available, staff will be.

We aren’t just looking to cash in on your case. For example, we don’t want to just plead your case out at the first hearing and move onto the next case/client in our criminal defense practice. In family law cases, we have regular meetings with clients both virtually and in person to make sure that we’re meeting clients’ expectations. As a firm, we’re committed to Access to Justice and are excited to offer Legal DIY packages in both criminal defense and family law matters (with the help of Hello Divorce).  We often field client questions that have very little if anything to do with their cases, and that’s why we are proud to say many clients have chosen to refer their friends and family members to us.

Your Case is Not Less Important Because You
Have Less Money to Spend on an Attorney!

We understand the value of hard work, and our time representing folks suffering financial hardships helped to shape Nicol Gersch Petterson’s financial policies. We are proud to say we help those that cannot afford high-priced lawyers (hint: higher legal fees do not mean better lawyers). By going with Nicol Gersch Petterson, we can keep costs down, and we utilize the most recent technology to stay in close communication with our clients.