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Hi, I’m Sol, I’m 22 years old and I’m a business administrator by profession. but in practice I am “thousand jobs” or “mil oficios” in my native language. I worked in Brazil in sales and studied a semester in France before graduating from College. I have worked as a lifeguard, a waitress, an administrative assistant in an elementary school, an English teacher, a virtual assistant in a car rental company, etc. Now, in Peru, I work in a very prestigious University of my city in the Marketing area. On top of that, I found an excellent place where I work now, which is Colorado Lawyer Team. I am learning many things that I never thought I would learn, but I am very happy to have a very well-prepared team, willing to teach me and who have given me the opportunity to become a Legal Assistant.

I believe that life is full of experiences that cannot be missed. I am very happy to work in a firm that has taken me out of my comfort zone and is constantly encouraging me to participate in new projects and learn new things.

I really like to travel, go to concerts, make desserts and ride a bike. The beach is my favorite place in the world, and if I’m with my two giant dogs it’s much better.

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