If you have been arrested for a crime, received a written citation to appear in court, or have been informed you are a person of interest in a criminal investigation, it is vital to seek legal counsel right away. There is substantial legal jeopardy that comes with even relatively minor criminal offenses. On the other hand, a conviction for a serious charge could alter your life forever.

Many people experience a sense of hopelessness after an arrest. Thankfully, a conviction is never guaranteed with the help of the Colorado Lawyer Team. Hiring an Arapahoe County criminal defense lawyer could be the resource you need to successfully fight the charges you are facing.

Types of Criminal Offenses

State prosecutors bring a wide array of criminal charges each year in Arapahoe County. These charges can vary from relatively minor misdemeanors to felonies that could result in a life sentence in prison. An Arapahoe County lawyer could provide a defense for any criminal charge.

Violent Crime

State prosecutors aggressively pursue most violent offenses. These offenses include misdemeanor assault up to major crimes like murder. Serious violent crimes can carry the steepest penalties of any offense.

Alcohol-Related Offenses

Many criminal offenses relate to the use of alcohol. Driving under the influence is one of the most common charges that result in arrests under state law. Underage drinking and public intoxication are other examples.

Drug Charges

Many criminal offenses involve controlled substances. The vast majority of these drug charges are treated as a felony. These charges can involve the possession, manufacture, or sale of controlled substances.

White-Collar Crime

A white-collar crime is a non-violent offense involving some form of financial wrongdoing. These offenses could be prosecuted by state or federal prosecutors, depending on the circumstances. White-collar crimes often involve fraud offenses.

Criminal Penalties

Most people understand the statutory penalties that come with a criminal conviction, including jail time or fines. However, criminal convictions also have collateral consequences that are not always foreseeable. The goal of every criminal defense attorney is to diminish or eliminate these consequences entirely.

Statutory Penalties

Statutory penalties are the consequences for a conviction that are written into state law. Most prominent among these consequences is incarceration. Incarceration could involve a stint in county jail or a multi-year sentence in a state penitentiary. Statutory penalties also commonly involve fines, restitution, or the suspension of driving privileges.

Collateral Consequences

Collateral consequences include the way a criminal conviction can negatively impact a person’s life outside of the statutory penalties. While these consequences are not written into law, that does not make them any less significant. Felony convictions can lead to the loss of firearm rights or even the right to vote.

For some, a criminal conviction can lead to unexpected challenges. Examples could include difficulty obtaining housing or employment. A criminal conviction could also limit a person’s educational opportunities.

Discuss Your Defense Options with an Arapahoe County Criminal Defense Attorney

When you face criminal charges, your freedom could be at risk. In many cases, the consequences of a criminal conviction could last long after your fines are paid, and your sentence is completed. Some of these consequences could follow you for the rest of your life.

Let an Arapahoe County criminal defense lawyer advocate on your behalf. To get started building your defense strategy, schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.