Accusations of assault can put you and your family in a difficult situation. You may face serious consequences for a conviction including jail time and fines, and the social stigma can be hard to come back from.

If you need help overcoming accusations of a violent crime, one of our Arapahoe County assault lawyers could help. You can sit down with our team for a consultation and confidentially discuss the details of your case, all while relying on our criminal defense attorney for protection as well as legal representation.

What to Know About Assault Felonies in Arapahoe County

Assault is an umbrella term for violent behavior enacted against another party. With that in mind, two incidents that look quite different from one another may both come to court as assault cases. Some of the most common charges to result in a felony include:

  • Crimes of passion
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault of a police officer
  • Vehicular assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Battery and menace
  • Harassment

That said, the consequences for these allegations vary. Parties accused of engaging in these behaviors may face felony charges in various degrees. A lawyer in Arapahoe County could help someone prepare a defense depending on their exact assault charges.

First-Degree Assault

According to Colorado Revised Statutes §18-3-202, first-degree assault can be committed using a deadly weapon to intentionally cause serious bodily injury to another. It can also be committed by intentionally disfiguring a person.

First-degree assault does not have to be intentional. It can also be charged for manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, even if there is no intent to cause serious bodily injury.

In cases where the defendant is charged with first-degree assault, they may face between ten and 32 years in prison in addition to related legal fees and fines.

Second-Degree Assault

Parties charged with second-degree assault may have intended to cause injury to another with a deadly weapon, even if serious injury did not result. You can also be charged with second-degree assault when no weapon was used, if police, firefighters, or emergency medical services providers were involved.

Individuals charged with this crime face felony consequences. However, the sentences most often tied to second-degree assault are shorter than those for more serious offenses. A judge may sentence a person to jail for five to sixteen years, depending on the severity of an alleged victim’s losses. An Arapahoe County attorney could help someone who has been accused of second-degree assault.

Third-Degree Assault

Third-degree assault requires a lower burden for the prosecution because it can be charged even if someone did not intend to injure another. Parties charged with third-degree assault may be accused of both knowingly or recklessly endangering another party. Someone can also be charged if they negligently harm someone with a deadly weapon.

This level of assault is a class 1 misdemeanor and is an extraordinary risk crime. Because of the risk level, the usual penalty for a class 1 misdemeanor is increased. You can be sentenced up to two years in county jail if convicted of third degree assault.

Defending Against Assault Charges

Protecting one’s self from assault charges can be easier with help from an Arapahoe County lawyer. An attorney could help a defendant understand the charges against them, the possible penalties, and the surrounding circumstances that mitigate or justify the actions. Additionally, our team can establish which defense strategies may work best in any given case. For instance, many cases involving violent crimes may stem from incidents of self-defense or the defense of others, depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge. Our legal professionals could review the evidence in a case and determine how to best build a defense.

Meet With an Arapahoe County Assault Attorney

Assault charges carry more than just the threat of fines and jail time. These accusations and charges can transform the way you live your life. You may have a more difficult time securing work, seeing your family, and regaining the peace you once had in your everyday life.

If you are looking for legal representation, look no further than the Colorado Lawyer Team. Schedule an appointment with one of our Arapahoe County assault lawyers to learn more about your case and the arguments that can be made in your defense.