Incidents of alleged domestic violence are taken extremely seriously in Brush. Certain acts of domestic violence can be charged and punished as felony crimes and could result in imprisonment for several years if convicted. If you are facing criminal charges, you should contact a Brush domestic violence lawyer right away.

You could be identified as a habitual domestic violence offender if you have prior convictions for causing harm to a past or present intimate partner, such as a spouse or co-parent. Habitual domestic violence offenders are subject to elevated criminal charges, which means more severe sanctions if convicted a subsequent time. Our legal team could provide critical legal assistance if you have prior convictions.

How is Domestic Violence Defined?

The Colorado Revised Statutes Title 18. Criminal Code § 18-6-800.3 Annotated state that domestic violence occurs when a person causes physical injury or harm to a current or former intimate partner. Intimate partners include current spouses, former spouses, unmarried couples living together or separately, and individuals who have a child together, whether or not those individuals were ever married or ever lived together. It is also unlawful to threaten physical harm or attempt to harm an intimate partner.

Domestic violence also includes any acts committed with the intention of intimidating or inducing fear in a past or present intimate partner. For example, smashing the windows and mirrors of a former girlfriend’s car while she is on a date with a new man could be charged as domestic violence. An attorney who knows domestic violence laws could further answer questions about whether or not certain acts would constitute domestic violence in Brush.

What Are The Potential Penalties for Domestic Violence in Brush?

The state criminal code does not outline specific penalties for acts of domestic violence. Rather, individuals found guilty of causing harm to an intimate partner, or attempting or threatening to do so, are often sentenced for the underlying act. A lawyer who handles domestic violence cases in Brush could explain how specific domestic violence offenses are penalized.

For example, a person who commits assault against a spouse could be charged with and punished for the assault. Since the assault involved domestic violence, the court might impose additional sanctions, such as sentencing the defendant to mandatory participation in a domestic violence treatment program. Additionally, individuals convicted of domestic violence might be prohibited from purchasing firearms in the future and could be required to relinquish any guns or ammunition currently in their possession.

The law identifies individuals found guilty of offenses involving domestic violence four or more times as habitual domestic violence offenders. Subsequent convictions for domestic violence as a habitual offender could result in more severe sanctions. For instance, misdemeanor domestic violence offenses are elevated to class 5 felonies for habitual domestic violence offenders.

Contact a Brush Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges for an act of domestic violence, then you need a Brush domestic violence lawyer. It is absolutely essential that you work with a lawyer if you have prior convictions or certain aggravating factors occurred that could cause the charges to be elevated to a higher degree. Without professional legal representation, it could be more challenging to obtain an optimal outcome.

An attorney will work to protect your rights and defend you against criminal charges. Contact an attorney immediately for critical legal guidance handling your domestic violence case.