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Justie Nicol Criminal Defense Attorney

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the most complex abuse of them all? Glad you asked, because it’s a topic I have become very familiar with during my work at Project SafeGuard: digital…

Justie Nicol Criminal Defense Attorney

Mental Health Meets Criminal Defense I'm a criminal defense attorney, not a mental health professional.  Yet, mental health issues and depression intersect with my work in more ways than you might think. Many of…

Justie Nicol Criminal Defense Attorney - Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a complex issue on its own; when it comes into play in my criminal defense cases, it can be an intricate puzzle to solve. Both offender and victim are in an…

Justie Nicol Criminal Defense Attorney - omestic Violence

Celebrating Men’s Health Month: Acknowledging Male Victims of Domestic Violence June is Men’s Health month, designed to facilitate national dialogue around important and common health issues that men face: heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc.…

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