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Traffic cases are generally some of the most easily handled cases, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t carry with it a lot of stress. Our legal team can help with legal DIY for traffic tickets. Learn about the legal DIY packages at Colorado Lawyer Team.

Simple Traffic Tickets

Simple traffic tickets like speeding, careless driving, or illegal u-turns can often be handled with one court appearance. But many times, we get questions about insurance costs changing, or whether this particular plea impact the ability to drive? In many cases, attorneys will simply answer, “it depends” and you’re left guessing. But here at COLawTeam, we’re able to give you more information up front so that you’re prepared to go into traffic court with the full knowledge of what the ramifications are. Our office will prepare you to handle your case to the best of your ability and even give you suggestions on what can improve your chances in court. And… worst case scenario… if things don’t go according to plan and you need more help, we’re here for that, too.

DUI and DWAI Tips and Tricks

DUI’s and DWAI’s are handed out by the thousands. Our office has a huge driving under the influence case load at any given time. But, for a first time DUI/DWAI, we generally know what the law requires, the implications with the DMV, and all of the collateral consequences of convictions. Most folks who got behind the wheel simply misjudged their level of intoxication. There was no ill intent. Here at COLawTeam, we don’t judge, but we’re here to help. A first time DUI/DWAI offender likely won’t get a better offer simply by having an attorney. However, at COLawTeam we give you a complete list of not only what can make an offer better, but also what you can do to reduce your ultimate sentence on the back end.

Dealing with the DMV

What many people don’t realize is that a traffic ticket or citation has DMV consequences separate and apart from what happens in criminal court. Although the DMV is not likely to levy their own fine against you, they do have the ability to revoke your license for too many points, unpaid court fines, and major driving violations. Habitual traffic offenders can also be looking at lengthy revocations, and DUI/DWAI offenders have a long list of things they need to do to get their “red license” back with interlock installation in their car(s).  We can give you a list of your requirements and let you knock them out of the park. Sometimes, we even get coupons from interlock providers or other class providers that we can pass on to our clients. Call COLawTeam to learn about legal DIY for traffic tickets.

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