The intensely personal nature of family legal matters can make them especially challenging to handle on your own. If you are involved in a family dispute, you may be overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain about how to proceed. A skilled Colorado Springs family lawyer understands the complexities of these conflicts. The compassionate legal advocates of the Colorado Lawyer Team are ready to offer you guidance, knowledgeable representation, and the personal attention you need to resolve your case.

Family-Centered Legal Counsel in Colorado Springs

For many, the term’ family law’ refers to divorce. In reality, this area of the law encompasses far more than ending a marriage. Some of the legal family matters that a seasoned lawyer in Colorado Springs could handle include:

  • Juvenile matters
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoption
  • Child custody and support
  • Paternity
  • Protective Orders for family violence or abuse
  • Legal separation
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Additionally, a practiced family attorney from our team could address the unique challenges presented in grandparent visitation cases and asset division.

Benefits of Working with a Caring Family Lawyer

Family law governs various matters related to relationships. Whether it is a divorce, child relocation, marital asset division, or retaining parental rights, family law plays a direct role in the lives of our clients. These sensitive legal matters require the experience of a caring and dedicated Colorado Springs attorney who is well-versed in the law and understands the impact of contested litigation on every member of the family.

The Colorado Lawyer Team takes a seasoned approach tailed to each client’s specific needs. For example, an attorney dedicated exclusively to family law could work closely with clients to identify and achieve their goals. No matter how complex the legal situation, an attorney could apply their knowledge of the law to each case’s unique facts and work to achieve a satisfactory resolution for the client.

Marital Property Division in Colorado Springs

Often, one of the most disputed family law issues is the division of a couple’s property upon divorce. Unlike states where marital assets are divided equally, Colorado, under CRS §14-10-113, requires a fair or equitable property division. Accordingly, a judge could split the assets evenly but are not required to do so depending on the circumstances of the case.

To determine a fair division, a court may consider factors such as each spouse’s economic situation, contributions to the asset acquisition, and whether marital property increased in value during the marriage. Generally, a spouse’s marital fault during the relationship is not considered. A capable family attorney in the Colorado Springs area could counsel a party on the state’s property division laws and what a judge can consider when applying them.

The Legal Process in Colorado Springs Family Court

In nearly every legal matter heard by family law judges, the party requesting the court’s assistance referred to as the “moving party,” must file a pleading stating the nature of the dispute and what type of relief they are seeking. For example, the pleading could be a complaint for divorce, petition for adoption, or protective order from domestic abuse. The moving party must notify the other of this pleading by delivering or “serving” them a copy of it and a court summons.

Once an action has been brought in family court, a judge will schedule various proceedings in the case, including but not limited to initial hearings, pretrial settlement conferences, and contested trials. Any misstep in the legal process could result in the dismissal of a case. Accordingly, any party facing a family legal matter is well-advised to consult a practiced lawyer in Colorado Springs as soon as possible.

Contact a Colorado Springs Family Attorney

While some family-related legal matters can be resolved without litigation, a party is not advised to handle their case without a seasoned Colorado Springs family lawyer. These legal disputes are complex, and proceeding without full knowledge and understanding of those laws can lead to costly mistakes for you and your family. Call the Colorado Lawyer Team today to work toward the best possible outcome in your case.