Criminal Justice Process: How Can an Attorney Help You?

When you are arrested, the criminal justice system works against you in the hopes of reaching a criminal conviction – and that’s why you need a skilled criminal defense attorney in your corner.

Colorado Law Team is an experienced team of attorneys who have the background, training, and expertise that it takes to represent you in the courtroom.

Support During the Criminal Justice Process

Here’s how an attorney can help you through the criminal justice process:

  • They have extensive knowledge of the law.

Every criminal defense attorney must have a Juris Doctorate degree – meaning they know the criminal justice system backwards and forwards. They’ve studied criminal law and court procedures and discuss legal strategies with you.

  • They can investigate your charges.

Your criminal defense attorney will look at all physical evidence as well as other available evidence. While it’s the justice system’s job to look for evidence that works against you, it’s your attorney’s job to find gaps in this evidence or inconsistencies that lead towards reasonable doubt.

  • They take a closer look at officers’ conduct.

If the officers’ conduct surrounding your arrest violated your constitutional rights, your criminal defense attorney will bring about a motion to have the judge throw out unlawfully obtained evidence before trial.

  • They understand plea bargains.

Sometimes, a plea bargain meant to reduce a sentence or eliminate charges is your best bet, but defendants that represent themselves can get taken advantage of in the courtroom.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will have advised you from the very beginning regarding the steps that put you in a good position for plea negotiations.

  • They act as your representation.

In the courtroom, your criminal defense attorney is your voice. On your behalf, they work to select the jury, object to improper evidence/testimony, present your defense, and cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

  • They help you make major decisions.

There are a number of big decisions to be made as you move through this process. Your criminal defense attorney will help you decide whether or not to accept a plea offer, if you should testify, and other such issues. It’s their job to offer counsel based on their background and experience in the field, guiding you on your way towards the most favorable outcome.

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