If you have been arrested for assault, you could benefit from the guidance of our firm. Our virtual team of skilled defense attorneys travels to you to review the allegations against you and help you develop a strong strategy to fight back against these charges.

Assault charges do not have to result in a conviction. In many cases, our firm has been able to negotiate a reduction in the severity of the charges or a dismissal of them altogether. If negotiating is not an option, our team is not afraid to take the case to trial and fight for an acquittal. Let a Douglas County assault lawyer help you face the prosecutor in your case.

Types of Assault Charges in Douglas County

In total, there are three different types of assault charges recognized by state law. Each degree of these charges carries steeper penalties than the last, with a first-degree charge carrying the highest possible sentence. A Douglas County attorney could help you navigate the judicial system if you have been charged with assaulting someone.

Third Degree

Third-degree assault is frequently referred to as “simple assault.” It is the lowest level of assault under state law. A third-degree offense occurs if a person knowingly threatens or causes injury to another person. This offense could lead to as much as three years of imprisonment.

Second Degree

A conviction for second-degree assault carries the potential for fines, prison time, and mandatory rehabilitation. This offense applies if the accused allegedly causes permanent or serious injury to another individual. It also is the appropriate charge if reckless or negligent behavior leads to death. If convicted of a second-degree offense, a defendant could face incarceration for a period between five and 16 years.

First Degree

First-degree assault carries the most severe penalties. This offense applies to assault with a deadly weapon, against a law enforcement officer, or in cases that were likely to cause death or grave injury. A conviction could lead up to a 24-year prison term.

How Our Firm Could Help

It is important to take any criminal offense seriously. Due to the risks associated with a conviction, our firm could provide you with vital guidance throughout the course of your case.

An experienced assault attorney in Douglas County could assist you with every aspect of your defense, from gathering evidence to preparing for trial. We could negotiate with the prosecutor in an effort to have the charges amended or even dropped entirely.

If the case goes to trial, preparing witnesses and handling evidence is complex and should not be undertaken without legal counsel. With the Colorado Lawyer Team, it could be possible to secure a favorable outcome in a case like this.

Contact a Douglas County Assault Attorney Today

While there are different degrees of charges, it is important to remember that any conviction could result in your incarceration. The consequences of a conviction follow you for a lifetime, which makes it vital that you protect your rights.

Let a Douglas County assault lawyer help you review your options and plan accordingly. Reach out to the Colorado Lawyer Team for an initial consultation today.