Drug offenses make up a large portion of criminal charges filed in the area. Any crime involving an illegal substance could result in serious penalties, but the sentences for distributing or manufacturing controlled substances are especially steep.

If you were arrested on an alleged drug offense, our diligent criminal defense attorneys could help. As you fight back against these charges, you might find that a favorable outcome is possible. A Douglas County drug lawyer could provide you with a winning defense in your case.

Common Drug Offenses

There are many types of drug offenses under state law. While most drug-related charges are treated as felonies, there are situations where the state could bring misdemeanor possession charges. The extent of the penalties for a conviction will depend on the type of drug, the amount, and the intent of the person in possession of it. A Douglas County attorney could develop a viable defense for each type of drug case.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

The most common criminal offense in the area is unlawful possession. This involves the possession of any controlled substance, but the penalties can vary depending on the amount in question.

It is helpful to remember that this offense only applies to unlawful possession. That means that in cases where a person has the authorization to possess a controlled substance, they have not committed a crime. Common examples include patients with prescription medication, law enforcement storing drugs seized during an investigation, or medical researchers in authorized labs.

Distribution, Manufacturing, and Sale

Developing, manufacturing, or selling these substances to the public are different charges than simple possession. The penalties associated with these charges are often much higher than a possession case.

Often, these cases boil down to a question of intent. Unless the police catch someone in the act of selling or making a controlled substance, they must use other evidence to establish that fact. The Colorado Lawyer Team could push back by arguing that at most, the appropriate charge is possession instead of distribution or manufacturing.

Understanding Special Offender Laws in Douglas County

One of the ways that substance offenses can differ from other criminal charges is through something known as “special offender status.” Special offender status applies to a person that commits drug crimes if aggravating circumstances are present. A Douglas County attorney could not only fight back against any illegal substance charges but also rebut a finding of special offender status. This is important, as special offender status carries the stiffest criminal penalties of any drug offense.

Typically, special offender status is reserved for those individuals with a history of illegally distributing, selling, or manufacturing drugs. This status requires more than just a history of substance offenses, as there also must be additional aggravating factors. These factors could include involvement in a drug conspiracy or a history of importing product in large quantities.

Talk to a Douglas County Drug Attorney Right Away

A drug arrest could turn your life upside and put you at risk of facing serious consequences. If convicted of a crime like this, you could face a lengthy prison sentence and costly fines.

The good news is that your conviction is never guaranteed. Reach out to a Douglas County drug lawyer at our firm to learn about how you could defend yourself from these allegations. Our office is virtual, so our attorneys come to you for a consultation, making it easy and convenient for you to set up an appointment. Call the Colorado Legal Team now to learn more.