If you have received a traffic ticket, it is highly advised to retain the guidance of a dedicated defense attorney. It could be possible to resolve your ticket by having it dismissed. In other cases, the Colorado Lawyer Team could reduce the financial impact you face. This could include preventing your conviction from causing your insurance rates to skyrocket.

Serious traffic offenses could even lead to incarceration. It is in your best interest to treat these offenses seriously and seek out trusted defense attorneys as soon as possible. A Douglas County traffic lawyer could help you craft a solid defense against the charges against you.

Types of Traffic Cases in Douglas County

If a driver is pulled over for a moving violation, they could face two different types of charges. That includes infractions, which are relatively minor. It also includes traffic offenses, which are criminal charges that could lead to jail time.


Driving infractions are relatively minor compared to more serious offenses. They fall into one of two categories: Class A or Class B infractions. Class B infractions do not result in points assessed to a driving record, but a Class A infraction could.

Traffic Offenses

The stakes are much higher when it comes to traffic offenses. Unlike infractions, an offense could result in time behind bars. An offense is a misdemeanor, with some common examples including driving without a license or driving without insurance. These convictions could also result in monetary fines and even incarceration. You could greatly benefit from seeking guidance from an experienced attorney in Douglas County if you were accused of a traffic offense.

What is a Habitual Offender?

There is also a category of drivers recognized by state law known as “habitual offenders.” Once a person is recognized as a habitual offender, the law requires the immediate revocation of their driver’s license. This not only results in the loss of driving privileges, but a habitual offender found operating a vehicle on a suspended license could see as much as 18 months behind bars.

There are different ways to obtain habitual offender status. The most common is for a driver to accumulate three or more traffic offenses over the course of seven years. This requires more than just an infraction. Instead, these offenses include things like driving under the influence (DUI) charges or criminally negligent homicide. At least 18 convictions in five years for minor traffic offenses qualify a driver for habitual offender status.

Moving Violations

It is possible to receive habitual offender status based on nothing but moving violations. Any individual that accumulates ten or more moving violation convictions over the course of five years could also be labeled as a habitual offender. However, these violations must carry a minimum of four points in order to count. Given the additional consequences, it could be beneficial for a driver facing habitual offender status to speak to a Douglas County traffic attorney.

Call a Douglas County Traffic Attorney Right Away

While a speeding ticket might seem like a minor issue, it could have a costly impact on your budget and your insurance premiums. More serious offenses could even result in jail time. If you have been ticketed for a driving violation, now is the time to speak to a Colorado Lawyer Team. Contact a Douglas County traffic lawyer today to learn more about your options.