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Despite actions taken at the state level to legalize the possession of marijuana, many of the laws that prohibit the possession or sale of other drugs can still be harsh. Merely having a small amount of any type of controlled substance in one’s possession may result in a drug felony charge. Convictions could result in lengthy prison sentences and the payment of heavy fines.

A Fort Collins drug lawyer could help you fight against these serious allegations. Whether your case involves the alleged manufacturing or distribution of illegal drugs, or the mere possession of them, it is critical that you seek out every advantage. The experienced criminal attorneys at The Colorado Lawyer Team are prepared to listen to your side of the story, evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s case, and fight to preserve your rights every step of the way.

Offenses Alleging Illegal Drug Activity

Fundamentally, it is against the law to possess any amount of certain substances.  In Colorado, possession can be a drug misdemeanor or felony, a Fort Collins Drug attorney can help you understand the charges against you and the consequences.

Most significant are the charges under the laws that prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of illegal substances. According to C.R.S. § 18-18-405, it is a Level I drug felony for any person to distribute, or possess with the intent to manufacture, sell or distribute, more than specific amounts of schedule I or II substance. Often as the amount of the drug decreases, so too do the potential penalties resulting from a conviction. The least serious offenses fall only under the category of drug misdemeanors. Contact a Fort Collins drug attorney now to learn more about the state’s drug laws and inquire about a particular charge you may be facing.

Fighting Back Against the Allegations

Every drug case requires a prosecutor to prove certain culpability in court including the alleged possession of illegal substances. As a result, the Fort Collins drug attorney will review the evidence for possible defenses to dispute the charges. Our Fort Collins drug attorneys at The Colorado Lawyer Team are prepared to contest the case at trial and develop a strategy for you.

Other defense team reviews the possible challenge to whether the police methods that led to an arrest were legal. Every person has a right of privacy, and police can only violate this freedom if they have proper cause. To obtain a search warrant, police must be able to prove to a judge that there is probable cause of a crime. Similarly, police can only search the body of a suspect if there is probable cause or if they have already made an arrest for another alleged crime. If the proper procedure is not followed, there may be a defense to the charges.

Seek Out Legal Representation from a Fort Collins Drug Attorney

Some of the most common cases that take place before a Fort Collins criminal court are those that involve illegal drugs. Despite their commonality, these are serious matters where a conviction can bring life-altering consequences.

Speaking to a Fort Collins drug lawyer with The Colorado Lawyer Team could be the first step towards you avoiding those penalties. Our dedicated attorneys are ready to protect your rights from day one. We aim to bring a strong defense against the prosecutor’s case at every turn and to preserve your freedom. Reach out now to get started.

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