Most everybody knows that it is illegal to take the property of another without that party’s permission. While this is one definition of theft under Colorado law, it is far from the only one. The fact of the matter is that merely placing an item in a position that removes it from the sight of another may be a criminal offense. Theft also includes accepting property when there is a reason to believe that the item is stolen.

If you are facing any type of case related to the alleged theft, a Fort Collins theft lawyer is here for you. Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys at The Colorado Lawyer Team could explain the laws applicable to your case and why police made an arrest. We then could work to fully investigate the incident and to develop a defense against the charges.

Examples of Theft Offenses Under State Law

The theft statute under state law describes a large collection of behaviors that could be considered a crime. This makes understanding what is or what is not a legal offense a complicated task.

The seriousness of a theft case depends mainly upon the item in question’s value. The charges range from petty offense to high level felony. The laws to determine the class of crime change in March 2022. Talking with a Fort Collins theft attorney at The Colorado Lawyer Team could help someone better understand the nature of the charges that they may face and determine if the charges reflect the new law.

How to Defend Against Allegations of Theft

Some theft cases boil down to disputes over the true owners of property. Of course, it is impossible to steal what one has a legal right to own. In this sense, presenting evidence, such as receipts, bills of sale, or text messages that indicate a fair exchange, could help defeat allegations of theft.

In each case, defenses may be possible. For example, an attorney could review the witness’ recollection, review any police lineup, or even the accuracy of video footage that appears to depict a theft. Every theft case is unique, which is why a Fort Collins theft lawyer at The Colorado Lawyer Team could work to discover the relevant evidence needed to defend against the prosecutor’s case.

Reach Out to a Fort Collins Theft Attorney Immediately

Every theft case comes with the possibility of harsh punishment. Even if it is a first offense involving an item of minimal value, a conviction will create a criminal record.

Let a tenacious Fort Collins theft lawyer take the lead in building your defense. Whether you are looking to enter into a plea deal in the hopes of avoiding serious punishment, or you intend to fight the case at trial, our attorneys at The Colorado Lawyer Team are ready to protect your rights while arguing for reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s case. Give us a call to find out more.