For some people, receiving a traffic citation is no more than a minor annoyance. Despite the fines associated with the offense and the points on a person’s driver’s license, they simply accept the penalty and move on.

However, for others, the consequences of a traffic law conviction are more serious. They may have accumulated enough points where a new conviction will result in a license suspension. Additionally, for some, a moving violation complicates a prior conviction or probation.  Whether you wish to contest a ticket, want legal advice  about the “offer” made on the back of your ticket, or want someone to  assist you as you appear in court, a Fort Collins traffic lawyer is here to help. Our experienced traffic and criminal attorneys at The Colorado Lawyer Team are skilled at working with people to fight against accusations of illegal driving.

Situations Where a Court Hearing is an Option

Many traffic tickets that people receive are minor in nature. These are instances of the least concern, where improper driving does not affect the potential safety of others. Prominent examples include:

  • Simple speeding
  • Failing to signal before a turn
  • Failing to yield at an intersection with no accident

People in these situations may have the option of requesting a full hearing, a trial. To do so, there are directions on the ticket and/or the court’s webpage.   If available and a request is timely made, the court will set a time for a final hearing, giving drivers the opportunity to plead their case, generally, before a judge and ask questions of the officer who wrote the ticket.  An attorney from The Colorado Lawyer Team could assist with this process.

Even if a person is planning to plead guilty to a traffic infraction, they may still want to work with an attorney. An attorney could negotiate a compromise that results in a reduction in the financial penalties or that minimizes the points to a driver’s license. If you have recently received a driving infraction, contact a Fort Collins traffic attorney now, as the time to request a hearing is short.

Defending People After Alleged Traffic Offenses

Not every receipt of a traffic ticket gives people the option of requesting a hearing. For the more serious versions of traffic tickets, a person’s presence in court is mandatory. These typically involve accident, careless or reckless driving, serious speeding tickets or  when a driver is accused of causing harm to another person. Traffic offenses fall into several categories.  They can result in sentences including fines, driving classes, possible jail sentences and points on your license or suspension or revocation of your license.

Let a Fort Collins Traffic Attorney Represent Your Interests in Traffic Court

Every person who receives a traffic ticket for a moving violation has the chance to plead their case in court. For many, this is an option that allows them to argue for a reduced penalty or an outright dismissal. In some cases,  an appearance in court is a requirement as a conviction can result in a jail sentence.

Whatever your specific situation or goals, a Fort Collins traffic lawyer may be able to help. Our well-practiced attorneys at The Colorado Lawyer Team understand the complexities of the traffic laws and how the courts operate. We could gather additional evidence about your case and present that evidence to the court in a way that improves your prospects for a successful outcome. Contact us now to get started.