Prostitution is the act of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money or favors. If convicted for prostitution, individuals could face serious consequences such as harsh fines and jail time. Let Justie and Jenn at Colorado Lawyer Team help protect your rights and help you build a defense.

A Greeley prostitution lawyer may be a useful tool to ensure a positive outcome in the circumstances. Lawsuits are unpredictable, but an attorney can work with you to make sure you have a substantial likelihood of a good result. With criminal allegations come the chance of jail time, hefty fines, probation, and damage to your reputation. Avoid the negative consequences by taking action and developing an aggressive defense.

Prostitution Laws in Greeley

Illegal acts involving sex can range from a two-person exchange to a larger enterprise where many people work together to set up encounters and other actions which the law prohibits.


Prostitution is exchanging sexual acts in exchange for something of value, such as money or illegal substances, with a person who is not their spouse. The law expressly prohibits the following acts:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Fellatio
  • Cunnilingus
  • Stimulation of genitals by hand or other bodily contact
  • Anal sex

Violation of this law is considered a class 3 misdemeanor, as noted in Colorado Revised Statute  §18-7-201. The court may put the alleged offender in jail for up to six months and order a fine of $750.  Worse than that, they often want folks facing negative consequences and convictions to turn in other people with whom they’re involved in this organization—often at great risk to themselves and without much assurance of a favorable treatment.

Public Displays

If a person gestures at another person in a public place with the intent to offer their “services,” the police could arrest that person for committing a class 1 petty offense, as detailed in C.R.S.  §18-7-207. The cops could arrest a person because they believe he or she was waving or somehow trying to sell their sexual favors. The court could put a person in jail for up to six months and issue a $500 fine.

Aiding Acts of Prostitution in Greeley

Pandering involves threatening another person to commit an act of prostitution or arranging a situation for another person to have sex for money. The court may convict a person found guilty of forcing another person to become a prostitute with a class 5 felony, as defined in C.R.S.  §18-7-203. The minimum fine is $5,000 and can be up to $10,000. The court may also issue additional fines and jail time, such as up to 18 months.

House of Prostitution

If a person offers a place of shelter or privacy so that others can sell their sexual favors, that is a class 2 misdemeanor. The punishment is the same if the person intentionally allows such use or later finds out about the purpose but does nothing to stop it. This law is in C.R.S.  §18-7-204. The court may sentence the convicted person to up to one year in prison and up to $1,000 in fines.

Get More Advice from a Greeley Prostitution Lawyer

Following an arrest or charge for prostitution, it is best to work with an attorney to make sure you understand your rights and the potential consequences of a conviction. A Greeley prostitution lawyer can advocate on your behalf and help you seek a favorable outcome. You have options. Call Colorado Lawyer Team today to get started on your case.