Understanding drug manufacturing charges can be difficult. In Colorado, individuals can manufacture medical marijuana, so there are some exceptions for that. Drug manufacturing is mostly limited to big pharmaceutical companies, but individuals can still be charged. With manufacturing there are more cases involving methamphetamines. DF1, DF2, DF3, DM1, are drug offenses based on the amount and type of the drug excluding marijuana.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, you need to call the Colorado Lawyer Team as soon as possible. A knowledgeable Greenwood Village drug manufacturing lawyer could investigate the circumstances around your arrest as well as the charges and can help you fight your case.

What is Involved In a Drug Manufacturing Charge?

Manufacturing, dispensing, selling, distributing or possessing with the intent to manufacture, dispense, sell or distribute a controlled substance is all included in the same statutory definition of unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing or sale. There is no separate charge for manufacturing. The charge is just based on the type of drug that is packaged for sale, distributing or manufacturing, and the amount that someone is caught with. Speak to a Greenwood Village drug manufacturing attorney to understand the exact charges and the potential penalties.

Can a Person Be Charged With Drug Manufacturing In Greenwood Village If The Activity Is Permitted Under State Law But Not Federal Law?

It is possible for a person to be arrested under federal law for marijuana violations that occur in the state, especially if they are not authorized under the local or state rules or constitution to manufacture marijuana. One of the things that has come up recently is a marijuana grow facility shipping across state lines via UPS, which has resulted in very high level drug distribution charges.

How Do Charges Extend To Individuals Who Are Only Involved In One Part Of The Drug Manufacturing Process Or Who Supply Materials?

If someone is involved in only one part of the drug manufacturing process, they could be charged with possession with the intent to manufacture, dispense, sell or distribute. The possession of a drug or components of a drug in some cases, with the intent to distribute, manufacture or sell is enough to charge them with the same offense as actually distributing. The difference might come down to how it is pled, and those who have been charged might get a better offer. A knowledgeable drug manufacturing lawyer in Greenwood Village could review the case and advocate for a lesser charge.

Schedule a Consultation With a Greenwood Village Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Drug manufacturing is dealt with very harshly in Colorado. Police officers and the state are cracking down on serious drug offenses. Drug manufacturing tends to be one of the more strictly punished offenses, and law enforcement has formed drug task forces in and around Greenwood Village. There is the South Metro Drug Task Force and also the Denver Local Drug Task Force. Following a drug manufacturing charge, a seasoned attorney could help you fight your case. Schedule a consultation with a Greenwood Village drug manufacturing lawyer to get started on your case.