In Colorado, a conviction for driving under the influence could have serious consequences. Subsequent charges for DUI  are prosecuted aggressively and could have even more severe consequences, including mandatory jail time and higher fines. Individuals should not try to fight these types of cases alone without the help of a skilled DUI attorney at Colorado Lawyer Team.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence more than once, seek help from a determined Greenwood Village third-offense DUI lawyer. They could review the facts of the case and help you avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction.

How Are Third-Offense DUI Charges Handled in Colorado?

Colorado courts treat third-offense DUI charges very seriously. By the time a person is getting to a third offense DUI, the judge will usually look at the fact the number of prior offenses and will punish accordingly. The sentencing will be much more vigorous then a first or second and many factors will be taken into consideration when assessing the level of punishment including treatment, role in the community, and desire to accept responsibility. A skilled Greenwood Village third-offense DUI lawyer could work to help minimize the consequences of a conviction.

Length Of Time Between DUI Offenses

The time between the DUI offenses matter because the judge has a lot of discretion in determining an individuals sentence such as the amount of jail and the amount of probation. For example, if the first  DUI and the second DUI offense were over 30 years ago, it will be easier for an experienced attorney who handles cases throughout the Greenwood Village area to persuade a judge that the individual is not as much of a danger to the community as opposed to someone who has had multiple DUIs within the past 5 years.

The Penalties Of A Conviction

Third-offense DUIs are prosecuted more aggressively and vigorously in Colorado. Individuals face a mandatory minimum of 60 days in jail regardless of how long ago the prior DUIs took place. The sentence cannot be served via in-home detention. It will only be served by jail or by work release sentence. There will also be longer supervised probationary periods as well as higher fines, alcohol education, therapy, and more community service. A dedicated third-offense DUI lawyer attorney at Colorado Lawyer Team can help individuals understand the charges and the potential penalties of a conviction.

Speak to a Greenwood Village Third-Offense DUI Attorney Today

Northern Colorado DUI lawyers build defenses for third-offense DUI charges the same as the first or second offense. They will look at every case individually. They are looking at the specific facts and the individual facts of the case. You should not plead guilty without speaking to a tenacious attorney at Colorado Lawyer Team.

If you have been charged with multiple DUI offenses, reach out to a diligent Greenwood Village third-offense DUI lawyer. Jenn and Justie will work tirelessly to help you get a favorable outcome. Call today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.