When a person is granted probation, the jail sentence normally associated with a particular offense is suspended, and the individual is placed on community supervision. However, probation can be revoked if you violate any of the conditions. All of the original possible penalties, including additional fines and lengthy jail sentences can be imposed with limited court hearings if probation is violated.

A Greenwood Village probation violation lawyer could help your case. Violating probation could result in being sent to jail to serve the sentence that was initially suspended, but isn’t just limited to only the suspended sentence, and you could be looking at the whole possible sentence all over again. A skilled defense attorney could help you build a defense. Speak to the legal team at Colorado Lawyer Team to discuss your legal options.

Criteria for Being Placed on Probation in Greenwood Village

Section 18-1.3-203 of the Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated specifies the criteria for being placed on probation in Greenwood Village. The criteria include:

  • There is not extensive criminal history
  • Little to no risk the individual will commit another crime while on probation
  • The individual could benefit from participating in counseling or treatment programs in the community
  • The individual did not threaten or cause serious harm to another person during the commission of the offense
  • The potential probationer is deemed likely to respond favorably to probationary treatment

These are just some of the factors the court takes into consideration when determining whether or not to grant probation. Many other factors are taken into account, as well. An experienced Greenwood Village probation violation attorney could discuss the law and how it relates to a particular case.

Common Conditions of Probation

Section 18-1.3-204 of the Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated outlines common conditions of probation that can be assigned to probationers. Examples of common probation conditions include:

  • Submitting to drug or alcohol testing
  • Participating in a court-ordered counseling or treatment program
  • Maintaining employment or undergoing vocational training
  • Reporting to the probation officer when directed to do so
  • Refraining from being in possession of a firearm, ammo, or other weapons
  • Making payments toward court-ordered restitution
  • Not committing any new offenses while on probation
  • Reporting all police contact (even if you’re just a witness) to your PO immediately
  • Not possessing or consuming drugs without an Rx, except for marijuana which is not allowed even if you have a medical MJ card.

These are just a few examples of the conditions that commonly apply to individuals on probation in Greenwood Village, but additional conditions could be imposed as well. For instance, individuals placed on intensive supervision probation often have stricter conditions associated with their probation, up to and including random searches of your home and possessions.

Penalties for Violating Probation in Greenwood Village

When a person violates the conditions of probation, there are several possible outcomes. In some cases, the individual might be permitted to remain on probation but for a longer period (called “revoked and reinstated”). In some situations, a short jail sentence or additional communication can be imposed before probation is regranted. Probation could also be revoked, and the original sentence imposed, which could mean serving time in jail or prison.

If a person violates probation by committing a new offense of any sort (even traffic offenses greater than 4 points), probation will likely be revoked. The person could be charged and tried for the new offense and face additional penalties, such as another term of imprisonment if convicted. A probation violation lawyer in Greenwood Village could answer questions about the penalties for specific probation violations.

Court Proceedings for Probation Violations are NOT New Trials

If you’re facing a probation violation hearing, you should know you’re not entitled to a new jury trial. In other words, you don’t get a do-over of your original constitutional rights.  A hearing to the court is all that you’re entitled to, and you’re not always guaranteed that the same judge who heard your case originally will hear any probation violation complaint against you.

At a probation violation hearing, a judge will decide both 1) whether the DA proved the violation and 2) will re-sentence you, if so. In such a hearing, the DA does not have to prove you violated probation beyond a reasonable doubt, but rather only by a preponderance of the evidence, which is a much easier standard. It’s important to have a competent probation violation attorney to help you if you are thinking of going to a probation violation hearing.

Call a Greenwood Village Probation Violation Attorney Today

If you are dealing with an alleged violation of probation, a Greenwood Village probation violation lawyer could help you fight to avoid having your probation revoked and the original suspended sentence imposed. If no violation actually occurred, it is also possible a lawyer could work to demonstrate it was never violated in the first place. A good lawyer can also help you get back in substantial compliance with your probationary sentence prior to any violation hearing, in which case the court or the DA may just let you complete your original sentence without revoking your probation.

You do not have to handle your case alone. Let our legal team handle your case and help you fight the allegations. Speak with a Greenwood Village probation violation attorney today to get started on your case.