Every university has their own ethical code. Anything involving violence is most likely going to result in criminal charges as well. This is probably the most consistent thing that happens across campuses. There are likely some nuanced differences between schools’ ethical codes regarding how they handle violent offenses, but violence on campus is dealt with very harshly. An accused student should always refer to their student handbook and be aware of possible self-defense arguments. A diligent student defense attorney could help you understand your school’s ethical codes.

If you have been accused of a violent offense on campus, give Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team a call. A skilled Greenwood Village campus violence lawyer could help you fight the charges. We can investigate the facts of the case and help you build a defense.

What Constitutes a Violent Offense?

Colorado has a specific section on crimes of violence, which are considered enhanced crimes that subject the person to greater punishment. The most common offenses are assault and include everything from third-degree assault, such as punching, all the way to felony assault, which involves broken bones, serious bodily injury. Those types of violent offenses can get a person in a lot of trouble. Of course, there are also weapons offenses, which are considered violent in Colorado, even if a weapon was only brandished. Home invasions are considered burglaries and may or may not be considered a crime of violence (depending on the degree, and who is present for the commission of the offense).

The most common assault-related charge on a college campus is disorderly conduct for mutual fighting. Bar fights are common as well. These can be charged as third-degree assault if someone is injured. There is also assault as domestic violence between intimate partners. The phrase intimate partners is defined under Colorado law, and domestic violence is any crime, whether or not it is violent, designed to retaliate against, punish, or otherwise control a victim who is an intimate partner of the offender.

How The Presence of Alcohol or Drugs Could Complicate a Case

Alcohol and drugs complicate every single case, every single time. People find it harder to remember if they are intoxicated. They may not have a clear memory of what happened. There are people who get more violent when they are intoxicated. Often in domestic violence cases, offenders can be fine, but they may have an alcohol problem and become a violent drunk.

Victims in violent offenses can also contribute to escalating the violence if they are drunk or high. Words are not enough to incite a physical response, but when people are screaming and yelling obscenities at each other, somebody usually throws the first punch.

Consequences For a Violent Offense on Campus

Violent offenses on campus are likely to land a person in as much hot water as a sexual crimes on campus. The possible outcomes of the student misconduct hearing can include everything up to expulsion. If it is a severe violent offense, especially one involving weapons, the university is likely to expel them. Academic suspension and forced treatment/classes are options for an administrative hearing officer to impose before releasing transcripts or allowing them to continue to take classes on campus.

Let a Greenwood Village Campus Violence Attorney Help Today

A student defense attorney can help mediate the outcome so that the student is not repeating the same type of probationary terms in both a criminal case and the administrative hearing. For example, if they are required to take anger management classes or intense therapy, the attorney may be able to use that to satisfy their probationary requirements in the criminal case as well. Being a liaison between the DA and the student hearing officer is a lot of help to the student.

In sexual offense cases, the Greenwood Village campus violence lawyer will make sure that the accused person knows what the process is like at the university as well as in the criminal case. Going in, they should know what to expect. Call Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team today to schedule a consultation.