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Traffic tickets can be common for motorists. Traffic violations could include charges much more severe than merely speeding such as reckless driving or vehicular eluding. A diligent criminal defense attorney could help you fight the traffic violation.

If you have been cited for a traffic violation, a Greenwood Village traffic attorney could help you avoid a conviction. Time is of the essence, which is why it is critical to Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team. Seeking help from a skilled defense attorney could make the difference in your case.

Colorado Driver’s License Point System

There are many consequences a person could face if convicted for a traffic violation. Colorado operates a driver’s license point system that can lead to suspended driving privileges if a driver racks up enough traffic violations. Every traffic violation is worth a set amount of points under state law. When a driver accumulates enough points, their license will be suspended for a set period. However, the point threshold and the length of the suspension may vary depending on age. Colorado point limits include:

  • Drivers 21 years and older: 12 points over a year, or 18 points during a two-year span
  • Drivers between 18and 20 years of age: 9 points over a year
  • Drivers under the age of 18: 6 points over a year, or 7 points before their 18th birthday

It is worth noting that points only accrue after a conviction for a traffic offense, not when the citation is used.  In other words, if an individual prevails at trial on the traffic charge, it will not cost them in the Colorado point system.  With that stated, when looking to the points on one’s record, the DMV will calculate the point total from the date of offense, rather than the date of conviction.

The State of Colorado is required to notify drivers when actions are taken against their license, so there is ample time to engage a knowledgeable Greenwood Village traffic attorney before a suspension is official. A diligent attorney may be able to provide guidance on how best to fight back against a traffic charge.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket

While it may feel as though beating a traffic ticket is impossible, the truth is that moving violations can be beaten in court. There are regulations and guidelines that law enforcement must abide by and failing to do so could lead to the dismissal of your case.

For example, a police officer’s radar gun must be tested and calibrated frequently to maintain accuracy. If an officer uses a poorly calibrated radar gun during a traffic stop, it could lead to an incorrect speed reading. If a dedicated Greenwood Village traffic attorney could prove that an officer’s speed measuring device was not in working order, a ticket for speeding or a similar offense might be dismissed.

There are other regulations that bind police officers, including rules regarding speed traps and potential jurisdictional issues. If a law enforcement officer fails to follow these regulations, it could lead to a dismissal of all charges.

Let a Greenwood Village Traffic Attorney Help Your Case Today

When facing the prospect of a traffic violation conviction, it is critical that you move quickly. If you intend on fighting the traffic charges against you, a Greenwood Village traffic lawyer might be able to help. It can feel like a traffic conviction is inevitable, but with the right attorney, the traffic charges against you can be beaten.

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