After getting a ticket for a traffic infraction, individuals may be unsure of their legal options. A knowledgeable traffic attorney could review the facts of the case and help with building a Greenwood Village traffic defense. Individuals choose Colorado Lawyer Team for help in Northern Colorado traffic cases because we have a thorough understanding of the law. A lawyer could help them avoid going to jail and possibly help them get work release or in-home detention authorized instead. We are ready to help you build your defense.

The Most Commonly Used Defense Strategy

Common traffic cases run the gamut from speeding and careless driving cases to vehicular assaults involving drugs or alcohol. People are always different, and traffic cops are generally less experienced police officers. Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team could help hold law enforcement accountable and educate them about the Constitution.

One defense strategy that criminal lawyers use when defending a traffic charge is to show up. A case can be dismissed simply because the cop does not show up and do their job. If they do not turn in the ticket, the defendant cannot hold them accountable for it.

What Makes Traffic Cases Challenging

Northern Colorado traffic cases can be challenging because it is often the driver’s word versus the cop’s word. Often, juries will find the cop to be more credible, and they will side with the police. It is hard also because defendant drivers are not always entitled to a jury trial unless they pay a jury fee in advance—which clients do not know to do. This could result in a trial in front of a judge and not a jury.  Judges take a much harder line on traffic cases than juries do. Before building a Greenwood Village traffic defense, the attorney will make the client fully aware of the charges, so they are better prepared for the consequences.

How A Traffic Attorney Could Help

An attorney can walk in and handle a traffic case in an individual’s absence.  It could help them save money and a whole lot of stress. A traffic attorney walks will know what to ask for, know what the District Attorney finds persuasive, and knows the likely outcome to better prepare the client.  In some circumstances, negotiation tactics can include doing community service or a safe driving course. If there is s a legitimate reason for a traffic offense, something outside the control of the driver, it helps to have an attorney present that type of defense. Other reasons people hire attorneys include helping to mitigate a language barrier, helping to mitigate their anxiety, and for peace of mind. They can advise individuals of the law and their legal options.

Individuals do not need to fight the charges alone. Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team could help your case. They will use the facts of the case, witness testimony, and any other evidence they could find when building a Greenwood Village traffic defense. Call today to get started with your case.