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The penalties for a speeding ticket in Colorado include points and a fine penalty. Speeding itself does not carry jail time, but reckless driving does. The standard speed limits in Northern Colorado depend on where they are located. The most common locations a person might be caught speeding are around school zones, universities, and construction zones. There are also increased penalties in these areas, as well as increased patrols due to the higher community safety risk.

If you have been issued a speeding ticket, it is best to seek help from a tenacious traffic lawyer at Colorado Lawyer Team. A Greenwood Village speeding ticket lawyer could review the charges, investigate the incident, and help build a defense.

Speed-Related Traffic Charges

The most prevalent traffic offense is speeding, but most speeding tickets are uncontested and do not require a Greenwood Village speeding ticket lawyer’s involvement. It is hard to challenge a speeding ticket. The equipment nowadays is so sophisticated that police can pinpoint their speed using radar and Lidar, forward and backward-facing, and handheld traffic speed guns. Law enforcement can pinpoint speed very accurately. As long as the equipment is calibrated correctly, speeding cases are difficult to overcome.

Driving Five Miles Per Hour Over The Speed Limit

A driver can be pulled over in Northern Colorado for going only five miles per hour over the speed limit at any time. A cop can automatically pull them over for going one mile an hour over the speed limit but they generally do not because there is some leeway with calibrations, or user error on the equipment Five miles an hour over the limit is not a considerable risk to public safety and officers are mostly looking for more severe behaviors.

Can Reckless Driving Charges Be Administered?

Reckless driving charges are not administered in the form of a speeding ticket in Northern Colorado. Reckless driving is an elevated type of ticket. It is an eight-point ticket, and reckless driving would require speeding plus an additional offense. This could include speeding plus weaving through traffic, speeding plus tailgating, or speeding plus illegal lane changes. A skilled Greenwood Village speeding ticket lawyer could build a defense if an individual is also charged with reckless driving.

Does The Zoning of the Road Determine How Strictly Individuals Need to Abide By Traffic Laws?

School zones are the most frequently enforced speeding zones.  Then you’d also have residential neighborhood zones that impact speed limits.  Of course, construction zones also carry increased penalties. The more major roads are going to be the ones that are patrolled more often, simply because there is a higher number of cars on the road. Police are generally in the more populated areas.

Common Ways Tickets Are Handled Throughout Greenwood Village

Individuals will see either a point’s assessment on the summons itself or the ticket will say “appear in court only.”  The latter is a summons to go to court, and the ticketed individual will be unable to pay a ticket early or mail in the fine. A summons is less common with speeding tickets since they are generally reserved for more serious offenses.

Reach Out to a Greenwood Village Speeding Ticket Attorney Today

Those who have been issued a speeding ticket may face severe fines and points on their license. Individuals should speak to a Greenwood Village speeding ticket lawyer to learn about the charges and their legal options. They could represent you in court and help you mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

Let Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team help you fight the charges. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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