A person might find themselves facing charges for uninsured driving in one of two circumstances. They either do not have proof of insurance in their car when they are stopped, or they do not have insurance at all. Those are the only two times that no proof of insurance or NPOI is charged.

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Insurance Requirements for Motorists

Throughout Greenwood Village motorists are required to have insurance on their vehicle any time they drive in the State of Colorado, but they do not always have to have proof of insurance with them. The problem is, if they do not have it with them, they would still get a ticket. They would have to show the court that they had proof of insurance at the time that they were pulled over. Sometimes people have an insurance card in their car, but it expired two months before the date of the traffic stop. The officer is still going to write them a proof of insurance ticket. A seasoned Greenwood Village traveling without insurance lawyer could provide proof to the court that they have insurance on the date of the ticket and the case would be dismissed.

The DA is obligated to dismiss that case. They may not go forward if they were insured on the date of the incident and just did not have the proper card for proof with them. As long as they had insurance when they were pulled over, the charge is going to get dismissed. If they do not have insurance and they are pulled over, getting insurance after the fact could help them get a much better offer. Generally, they will be issued a small fine if it is their first offense.

Multiple No Proof of Insurance

Multiple no proof of insurance (NPOI) offenses would not go well for them. Also, if they are required to have an SR-22 and they do not have it, the DMV may re-revoke their license. The DA is going to give them a much harsher offer if they are supposed to have an SR-22 and they do not.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

The penalties for driving without insurance in Greenwood Village include jail for no proof of insurance if it is a repetitive occurrence. If they cause an accident and they don’t have proof of insurance, they could face serious consequences. Even worse, if they do not have insurance, and they hurt someone else in an accident, the court is going to throw the book at them. The more serious charges are going to be careless causing injury with no proof of insurance as a lesser charge. Generally, no proof of insurance by itself is just a fine unless repetitive or aggravated by other charges.
If they plead guilty to no proof of insurance, there is no requirement that they get insurance. It is best to always get insurance before they go to court or ask for a continuance so that they could get insurance so that they could get a more favorable offer.

Let a Greenwood Village Traveling Without Insurance Attorney Help

People who drive without insurance may face hefty fines if convicted. To avoid the consequences of traveling without insurance, let Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team help your case. Speak to a Greenwood Village traveling without insurance lawyer to learn about your legal options. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.