Despite citizens’ rights to bear arms, there are many restrictions regarding gun ownership, carrying arms, and use. Violating these restrictions could result in jail time, hefty fines, and losing the right to own or carry a gun in Colorado.

If you have been charged with a firearm-related crime, our Larimer County gun lawyers could provide you with the vigorous defense you need and deserve. A gun charge is not something to take lightly—building a defense with a dedicated defense attorney could make a massive difference in the result.

Factors That Impact Right to Own or Carry Firearms

In general, state residents may own firearms unless they are disqualified from doing so. Similarly, not all residents are qualified for a concealed carry permit.

A resident could be disqualified from buying or owning a firearm, or carrying a gun they legally acquired, if they:

  • Were convicted of or are under indictment for misdemeanor domestic violence or an equivalent crime in any state
  • Were convicted of or are under indictment for a felony in Colorado or a crime in any state that would be a felony in Colorado
  • Are a fugitive
  • Are addicted to a controlled substance
  • Are in the country illegally or gained legal entry on a non-immigrant visa
  • Received a dishonorable discharge from the armed forces

Owning or carrying a firearm when one of the disqualifying conditions applies is a crime. Depending on the alleged basis for disqualification, our knowledgeable lawyers could challenge Larimer County’s charge and perhaps even restore an individual’s right to bear and carry firearms.

Restrictions on Ownership and Use in Larimer County

The state restricts some residents from owning or using certain firearms. For example, removing a gun’s serial number, constructing a gun from a kit, or owning a gun with a defaced serial number are all Class I misdemeanors (M) under state law. Owning or using a silencer, machine gun, short rifle or shotgun, or armor-piercing bullets is also a crime. Charges for these crimes could be 1M or Class 4 or 5 felonies (F), depending on the circumstances. An astute attorney in Larimer County could fight charges of varying severities by challenging the prosecutor’s evidence against you in a firearm offense case.

Colorado Revised Statutes §13-14.5-103 provides for temporary Extreme Risk Protection Orders. These allow members of an individual’s household or law enforcement personnel to get a court order requiring the person to surrender their firearms temporarily and refrain from acquiring others for the duration of the order. These “red flag” orders are issued when the court deems sufficient proof that an individual might harm themselves or others.

Defend Yourself with a Capable Larimer County Gun Attorney

When facing a gun charge, you might feel that your rights are under attack. It might be easy to get emotional and allow that emotion to direct your actions.

A sympathetic Larimer County gun lawyer understands that feeling and knows that emotional arguments are not the most effective way to defeat gun charges. Allow us to press sound legal arguments on your behalf. Call The Colorado Lawyer Team today to schedule a consultation.