If you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, securing good legal representation is crucial. However, if you received a traffic ticket for speeding, reckless driving, or some other violation, you might be tempted to pay the ticket or handle the matter in traffic court on your own. Unfortunately, either decision might be a mistake.

Traffic violations could lead to higher insurance rates, suspension of a driver’s license, hefty fines, and even jail time. Do not risk these consequences without the help of one of our Larimer County traffic lawyers. A well-versed defense attorney could provide sound advice about what to expect and how to minimize the impact of a traffic ticket.

The Point System in Larimer County Has Significant Effects on Drivers

Every traffic violation is assigned a specific number of points. Insurance companies raise their rates when a driver gets points on their license. More importantly, too many points within a given period could result in license suspension.

The points schedule ranges from one for driving less than ten miles per hour over the speed limit to 12 points for offenses like leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence, or exceeding the posted speed limit by more than 40 miles per hour. Most common traffic offenses are worth two-six points, and points generally stay on a license for five years.

According to Colorado Revised Statutes §42-2-127, an adult’s license could be suspended if they accumulate 12 points within a year or 18 points over two years. Younger drivers have even less leeway. Working with an aggressive attorney in Larimer County could result in a traffic charge being reduced to one that carries fewer points or dismissed entirely.

Avoid Habitual Offender Status

A driver’s license could be suspended for five years if they are designated a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). At the end of the suspension, the individual must reapply for a Colorado driver’s license and comply with any other mandates the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles imposes.

There are two ways a driver might be vulnerable to acquiring HTO status. The first is if they are convicted of three separate serious traffic offenses within seven years. Offenses that count toward the HTO designation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Driving while under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired, and other related offenses
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while license is denied, suspended, or revoked
  • Vehicular assault or vehicular homicide
  • Hit and run resulting in death or serious injuries

A person could also risk HTO designation if they are convicted of many lesser offenses over five years. For example, an individual convicted 18 times in five years of traffic offenses worth three points could be assigned HTO status. Our understanding lawyers could evaluate a Larimer County resident’s driving history to determine whether they risk an HTO designation in a traffic case.

Defending Traffic Infractions in Larimer County

Depending on the offense, a legal professional could question the accuracy of radar, breathalyzer equipment, or laboratory results in a traffic case. They might collect statements from witnesses that contradict a police officer’s testimony. A technical problem with the ticket or an error in police procedure could also lead to the dismissal of the charges.

The critical goal is to reduce the number of points a driver might accumulate and avoid convictions on offenses that count toward HTO status to the extent possible. The Colorado Lawyer Team has traffic case experience and is well-equipped to raise a robust defense on your behalf.

Rely on a Larimer County Traffic Attorney Today

Even if the penalties for a particular traffic ticket do not seem too severe, any points stay on your license, and penalties could add up in a hurry. Too many points, and you could even risk your driving privileges.

Getting sound legal advice could pay big dividends in traffic court. Schedule a consultation with a Larimer County traffic lawyer today to schedule your private consultation.