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Legal Representation in Divorce – Know Your Options

The right kind of legal representation in divorce is critical to helping you best navigate the end of your marriage. Whether you have substantial financial entanglements, children, or a relatively simple marital partnership to unwind, your options for legal support are varied and can be chosen to fit your unique circumstances.

Know your options

Traditional Legal Representation

Many married couples will opt to retain attorneys to handle their cases. Typically, this means that each person in the marriage will hire their own attorney to represent their particular interests throughout the divorce process. For those people initiating the divorce process, they will retain a lawyer to help them file for divorce, thereby starting the process. The responding spouse will hire a lawyer to help them respond to the divorce pleadings. As the process unfolds, your attorney will need your assistance to gather documentation and information to prepare your case and best represent your interests in court.

Couples typically choose traditional legal representation for their divorce when there are financial assets and/or debts to divide amongst the couple and when there are children involved. But, sometimes in more seemingly straight-forward situations, couples cannot agree on how to divide limited assets, for example, and need attorneys to help them negotiate a resolution. Whatever your situation, hiring a lawyer to represent your interests can be beneficial in a number of ways. For instance, a knowledgeable legal professional can advocate on your behalf from start to finish, which can help you maintain some emotional distance from the situation. Also, an experienced family law attorney is familiar with the relevant law and legal procedures, which saves you from trying to navigate such unfamiliar territory on your own.

DIY With Legal Support

Another option for handling your divorce involves obtaining legal resources to help guide you as you manage your case on your own. At Nicol Gersch Petterson, we offer this sort of do-it-yourself option while also providing limited legal counsel. Through our collaboration with Hello Divorce, our clients can access information on handling a divorce in Colorado and also receive the benefit of consulting our experienced family law attorney to assist with specific issues.

This DIY option with legal support is a great option for those who may want to spend less money on the divorce process or who have a relatively simple divorce process ahead of them. Through our collaboration with Hello Divorce, clients can choose from a number of legal support options to best suit their needs. Because not everyone needs full-blown legal representation during their divorce, this DIY option with limited legal support can be just the solution.

Representing Yourself Without Legal Support

Another option for legal representation in divorce is to represent yourself without purchasing additional legal support and resources. This option, while not impossible, does not come without its challenges, particularly for someone with little or no experience navigating Colorado’s court system.

For instance, when representing yourself in court, you will need to become familiar with the relevant law and procedures followed throughout a typical divorce matter. The court will expect you to be prepared to present your case and to substantiate the claims you make when attempting to resolve issues around finances and children’s best interests. And, you will be expected to meet all deadlines set by the court, of which there are many.

While this sort of pure, unassisted “pro se” representation option is doable (meaning you represent yourself), it’s likely to come with a fair share of stress. Given the availability of great and affordable DIY legal support packages that go a long way to removing the mystery around the divorce process, we recommend this option when you don’t want traditional legal representation.

Need Legal Help?

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