Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) can be a stressful experience. Not only are there complicated legal steps you must go through, but it can be stressful to have the prosecution fighting to convict you.

Although this is a challenging process, you are not alone. The Colorado Lawyer Team is ready to fight for your rights. Our skilled intoxicated driver defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge about DUI cases to help protect your rights throughout the entirety of your case. To learn more about the role of a Loveland DUI lawyer, reach out to our virtual office now.

Explaining the DUI Process

One of the tasks a DUI attorney in Loveland could do is make sure you understand the legal process for your case. They advocate strenuously to ensure you have a fair chance of refuting the charges against you. They evaluate a case from the very early stages to help you determine what type of defense is appropriate, such as gathering  mitigation, negotiations or preparing defenses for a trial.

Negotiating with Prosecution

Loveland attorneys familiar with driving under the influence (DUI and DWAI) cases negotiate with prosecutors and try to achieve the best offer for your circumstances. Even if DUI defense lawyers think they may end up going to trial, they still negotiate to try and prove the charge is a mistake, present your defenses and your mitigation. Some things that they could negotiate are length and severity of any jail sentence, terms and length of probation, and the number of points on your license as that determines whether you face revocation or suspension of the driving privileges.  While there are many different actions attorneys take in representing clients, one of the most important is communicating thoroughly with you and then advocating on your behalf with the prosecution.

DMV Hearings in Loveland

Driving under the influence (DUI) defense attorneys in Loveland can work in several different settings to protect your rights, including in the court system and for Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hearings. They can help explain the two distinct processes.  The DMV administrative hearing is separate from a criminal case with deadlines immediately after a DUI is charged. The Colorado Lawyer Team is here to provide an overall picture of what you could expect in both processes, explain what your options are, how to navigate the DMV hearing as well as the known risks and benefits to taking a plea in the court case or taking the court case to trial. Our legal team has won many DMV hearings on both legal defenses and procedural ones. This impacts the criminal case as well and further proves your defense.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Local DUI Attorney?

There are several benefits to working with our Loveland DUI lawyers. It is helpful that our attorneys are familiar with local courtrooms. Generally, they know what local judges are likely to do, including the standard pleas offered and sentences imposed in various situations. They could help you prepare for interacting with judges based on their past experiences.

Call to Learn about the Role of a Loveland DUI Lawyer Now

If you were charged of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you do not have to face the prosecution alone. It is highly advised that you reach out to The Colorado Lawyer Team now to begin building your defense. The role of a Loveland DUI lawyer is to, first and foremost, protect your rights. Allow them to be a professional ally in your case by calling our virtual office now.