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Whether you agree with criminalizing prostitution or not, this act remains illegal under state law. As a result, you could go to jail or be ordered to pay fines, or both, if you are convicted of prostitution. A Loveland prostitution lawyer may be able to help you build a strong defense to these potentially damaging charges.

Working with an experienced criminal lawyer can be vital to reaching a better resolution of the charges against you. Determining the best defense strategy to your charges could result in an outcome that is more favorable to you.

Defining Prostitution and Solicitation of Prostitution

Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated § 18-7-201 states that the criminal offense of prostitution occurs when individuals engage in, offer to participate in, or agree to perform various sexual activities with another person in exchange for money or anything of value. As a result, prostitution charges can apply equally to the person who is offering or agreeing to provide prostitution services and the person who is seeking to engage in prostitution services. Furthermore, the definition of prostitution is broad, in that the offered or agreed-upon sexual activities do not necessarily have to occur for prostitution charges to result.

Like prostitution, criminal charges for solicitation of prostitution can involve persons who offer payment in exchange for sexual activities or those who request money in exchange for sexual activities. More specifically, under Col. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 18-7-202, solicitation of prostitution occurs when persons commit any of the following actions:

  • Solicits another person for prostitution
  • Sets up or offers to set up a meeting for prostitution
  • Directs another person to a specific place with the knowledge that it is for prostitution

A prostitution lawyer in Loveland can be instrumental in assisting individuals who are accused of any form of prostitution or solicitation. Legal advice may enable these persons to avoid the harshest potential penalties that can result from criminal charges.

Criminal Offenses Related to Prostitution Under State Law

State law establishes several other criminal offenses related to prostitution and solicitation of prostitution. For example, Col. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 18-7-203 makes it illegal for individuals to commit pandering. This offense occurs when people take either of the following actions in exchange for money or something of value:

  • Using menacing or criminal intimidation to cause another person to commit prostitution
  • Intentionally setting up or offering to set up a situation that allows someone to engage in prostitution

Likewise, Col. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 18-7-204 prohibits individuals from keeping a place of prostitution. People violate this law when they own or exercise control over a place for prostitution to occur and purposely allow others to use the site for prostitution. They also may commit this offense if they allow a place to be used for prostitution after they reasonably know that others are using it for prostitution.

Penalties for Prostitution in Loveland

Prostitution is a Class 3 misdemeanor under state law. Solicitation of prostitution results in the same level of criminal charges. A conviction for a Class 3 misdemeanor under Col. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 18-1.3-501 can result in a jail sentence of up to six months, a fine ranging from $50 to $750, or both. However, a court can order individuals who are convicted of solicitation of prostitution to pay an additional fine of up to $5,000, which goes to the state treasurer for the prostitution enforcement cash fund.

Pandering by using menacing or criminal intimidation to cause someone to engage in prostitution is a Class 5 felony, which is a much more severe charge than misdemeanor prostitution or solicitation. However, the other situation that constitutes pandering only results in Class 3 misdemeanor charges.

Keeping a place for prostitution is a Class 2 misdemeanor offense, which can result in a jail sentence of three months to 364 days and a fine of $250 to $1,000. A prostitution attorney in Loveland can be essential in helping individuals fight back and avoid or minimizing their potential exposure to these penalties.

Contact a Loveland Prostitution Attorney Today

Allegations of involvement in prostitution are likely to be embarrassing and stressful for you and your family. However, you should never permit a distressing situation to keep you from getting the legal advice that you need. Contacting a Loveland prostitution lawyer can be the first step toward resolving your criminal case.

Having legal counsel with you during every stage of your criminal proceedings may be the best protection against these charges. Failing to get the necessary advice about your options can be damaging to the outcome of your case.

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