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Dogs Supporting the Firm - Rhone, Levi, Kona, Marley and Tinker

What would any office be without good #OfficeDogs!? At Nicol Gersch Petterson, we have resident experts in all things K9: Rhone, Levi, Kona, Marley, and Tinker.  All FIVE dogs regularly play together in either Jenn or Justie’s backyards. They’ve grown up around each other, and make our office culture “extra.” Kona even has multiple law school credits under her belt.  If you are on the phone, a zoom conference, or even at our Fort Collins offices, you may hear valuable advice from these three. Although, good luck understanding it! (If you speak dog, have we got a job for you!)  Disclaimer: all K9 advice is given pro bono. Relying on such advice is done at the client’s own risk.

About our Back-Office Manager - Lilly

Our back-office manager often sleeps on the job.  Her name is Lilly. Occasionally, she’ll make an appearance on social media #OfficeCat. She’s rarely client-facing, and you probably won’t have an opportunity to interact with her.  But, she plays a vital role in holding down the fort.

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