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Proud Pet Parent Nomination

Colorado Lawyer Team attorneys Justie Nicol and Jenn Gersch are all about business. However, they do know how to have a little fun around the office. Helping them hold down the fort are their FIVE dogs: Rhone, Levi, Kona, Marley, and Tinker. Their furry friends often help them with their casework by doing things such as barking advice, fetching paperwork, and chasing down leads. And we can’t forget about our back-office manager, Lilly. She’s the #OfficeCat, spends her days lying on paperwork and purrrfecting our client intake process. Essentially, Nicol Gersch Law Offices wouldn’t be the same without our friendly helpers.

As you can tell, we love animals! That’s why we are hosting the Proud Pet Parent Nomination. We want you to nominate someone who loves their own pet a tremendous amount. Please pick someone who is the best mother or father to their furry friend. Fill out our nomination form and tell us what makes this individual the best pet parent ever. The winner will get to make a $500 donation to the animal shelter/non-profit organization of their choice. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Deadline to nominate is Monday, May 31st, 2021.

Nomination Form