Colorado Lawyer Team attorneys are all about business. However, they do know how to have a little fun around the office. Helping them hold down the fort are their FIVE dogs: Rhone, Levi, Kona, Marley, and Tinker. Their furry friends often help them with their casework by doing things such as barking advice, fetching paperwork, and chasing down leads. And we can’t forget about our back-office manager, Lilly. She’s the #OfficeCat, spends her days lying on paperwork and purrrfecting our client intake process. Essentially, Colorado Lawyer Team offices wouldn’t be the same without our friendly helpers.

As you can tell, we love animals! That’s why we introduced our Proud Pet Parent Nomination. This nomination was meant to help spotlight someone who loves their pet and embodies what it means to be a mother or father to their furry friend.

This year, we are proud to announce that Doris R. is our winner! Doris adopted Scout, a black lab mix, from a local animal shelter and helped him manage his anxiety and medications. Doris has provided Scout with consistent love and training from day one. Less than a year later, Scout is off of his medications, does not bark at passers-by, and knows key commands. Doris’s friend David says Scout is now a well-adjusted dog due to Doris’s enormous amount of love and devotion.

Doris’s reaction statement:

I was so proud and honored when I was notified Scout and I won the nomination contest. Scout was at three different shelters, taking daily medication, but still only a year old. I was thankful the Humane Society of Boulder Valley kept him when he was transferred there and grateful I found him. This contest is truly a great recognition of ALL pet parents. I am most thankful to be able to donate funds to the shelter to help future dogs find their forever home. Thank you Colorado Lawyer Team for creating this contest and your dedication to Colorado pets!

To celebrate Doris’s pet parenthood, Colorado Lawyer Team will be donating $500 to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, where she met Scout. Doris serves as a great example of the importance of love and the impact of pets on our lives. Here’s to many hikes ahead, Doris and Scout!