Access to Justice is Important

Here at Colorado Lawyer Team, we know that not every client can afford the highest-paid attorneys. Hint: the highest-paid attorneys may not be best for you and your situation! Although in some instances you do get what you pay for, paying more for an attorney to help you or paying on terms that aren’t favorable to you, really doesn’t benefit you in the long run. That’s why we’re happy to offer out clients a variety of payment options.

Classic Retainer Model

Of course, we like getting paid in full up front with a retainer. We call this the “classic retainer model.” We generally quote flat fees for most of our criminal defense cases, but family law is billed at an hourly rate. For any hourly cases, we will likely require periodic replenishment of retainer amounts. Retainers will cover things like fees and costs, but your money is always yours until we’ve done the work.

Internal Financing Option

We’re cutting-edge attorneys, and we’re not ever satisfied with the status quo. So, we wanted to make our justice system available to people who can’t afford to do this. To help, we started offering interest-free internal financing over several months. We do this with recurring payments via debit/credit card or ACH through our payment processor, so you can set it and forget it! We can even customize whether you want to have payments come out weekly, bimonthly, or monthly to help with your paycheck planning. We call this our “internal financing option.”

Long-Term Financing Option

However, for people facing serious legal costs and longer-lasting cases, our internal financing wasn’t cutting it. So, we listened to our customers. We partnered with a third-party vendor to offer long-term financing with no prepayment penalty. Even the application process is easy (all online here) and it’s not even a ding to your credit to apply. Most people with credit scores in the 600’s and above, with 1 year of work under the belt, making at least $40K will qualify. The loan is funded usually within a few days, with preapproval as quickly as a few hours. Interest is charged, but the first payment is not even due for 30 days, and you can take care of your legal bills up front in full, ensuring that you have the best legal representation from the very beginning. No cosigning is required, ever, and the financed amount can be catered to what you need (full vs. partial amounts). This is our “long-term financing option.”

Third Party Help With Payment

What’s even better, though, is that we work with friends and family members to help clients fund their legal cases as well. If none of the three options above will work for you personally, a friend or family member (or several) can use the options to help you instead. We have a one-page form explaining that you are the client, you direct the legal defense, and confidentiality applies to you regardless of the friend or family member paying the bills. This is our “Third Party Guarantee” form that we use for the classic model and the internal financing option. But, if the long-term financing option is needed instead, the friend or family member applies for the loan directly with our third-party vendor.