With the start of the holiday season, we want to take a break from legal posts and take a second to show appreciation for our team here at Colorado Lawyer Team. What goes on behind the scenes is a never-ending quest to ensure that the business thrives.  This takes many different forms… and it’s not all client-facing.  Despite the joys of the holidays, it can be a stressful time, as many of us know all too well. We’re so thankful for the hard work of our staff to provide much-needed support, especially during the busy times of the year.

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The Best Moves We Made Revolved Around People

When you find good people, never let them go.  Some of our team we’ve known for our whole lives (Debby, our legal assistant, is Jenn’s mom, after all).  Others are also licensed attorneys, whom we’ve known for 15 years when we started law school together, and who probably made the smarter decision not to start a legal practice (here’s looking at you, Beth, our current bookkeeper, and Natalie, all things legal tech).  Some have left the business, and others are newer to the practice… Jessica, our intern at CSU, is working on all manner of data entry and back-office support to free up attorney time for attorney-type-work.  And, of course, Noelle, who brings a variety of experience in the legal industry having worked with Justie as an assistant when she was a juvenile prosecutor.  Even other friends who have helped in a pinch (Meredith much?) and our spouses and partners (Zach, Bill) are irreplaceable in moving this firm forward.  So, this is our chance to say thank you to them for all the support these past few months.

We are so very grateful for all of the work you’ve put in to make this endeavor a success.  As we roll into November and the holidays, we just wanted you to know how much you are loved.

Our incredible team is what makes our work at Colorado Lawyer Team possible. From supporting each other with time away from the office during the holidays, to supporting each other to work remotely,  the support from our team behind the scenes makes all the difference!  Next week, as we both sit down for a 5-day felony trial, we will be relying on our team to keep this practice moving.  Clients will have access to us during the entire trial, but we’ve managed our schedules such that limited current client work is needed. New clients will be handled with a remote receptionist service and Debby’s personal touch.  Beth will be crunching the numbers for the first of the month, and Jessica will be gathering data to track our KPI’s. Meanwhile, Noelle will be drafting and researching for upcoming cases.  It’s all starting to come together! Together we make big differences in people’s lives!

Advice for the Holiday Season… It’s OK to Rely on Your Team

Right now, Jenn and Justie are both preparing for at least two major trials a piece in the next month.  We are continuously asking for help from our team to get work done.  In life, as in law practice, we are finding ways to help each other.  But, the big thing is, as attorneys we cannot be afraid to delegate.  We cannot be afraid to ask for help.  If we tried to do it all right now, we’d drown.  It’s just not possible.  But so many people internalize everything. Our clients. Other attorneys. Everyone we know seems to have things they won’t ask for help about.  This time of year, the pressure from such internalizations seems to get worse.  Many women also seem to put more pressure on themselves over the holidays.  Our message to you, dear reader, is simply this: it’s ok to ask for help. Rely on your team.  Tell them about what you’re going through.  You’ll be surprised by the amount of support you’ll receive.

We’ve written on the subject of holiday stress before, of course, and those posts can be a starting place, too.   The holidays can add an extra layer of stress to an otherwise already-hectic life. Surveys show that nearly 69% percent of people experience stress due to lack of time, or lack of money during the holiday season. Unsurprisingly, crime also increases during this time. Robbery and personal larceny increase by 20% during December. DUIs charges also increase, with the average number of fatalities involving an alcohol-impaired driving rising 34%.

Whenever families and friends get together, any number of disasters can occur.  As Colorado criminal defense attorneys, we see lots of legal issues arise from the additional stress brought on by the holidays.  From domestic violence cases and spouses snapping to the inebriated coworker getting a post-holiday party DUI, criminal consequences are all too common. For prevention tips, see our Dealing with Holiday Drama in a Productive Way blog post and our Holiday Help blog post. Additionally, learn to manage your stress – especially if arises from a criminal charge – with tips from our Recognizing The Impact of Stress & The Law blog post.

Need More Help?

The holidays can bring just as much stress as it does joy. If you find yourself needing legal advice this holiday season, consider reaching out to Colorado Lawyer Team for a free 30-minute consultation. Find more information at https://NicolGerschLaw.Com or call 970.670.0738 any time.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This blog post does not create an attorney-client relationship. It’s a blog post and not legal advice. Each case is different, and this post is meant for generalized knowledge, only. If you haven’t signed an engagement letter (or even received an engagement letter) AND issued some form of payment (peanuts do not count), then no attorney-client relationship exists. Nevertheless, we will do our best to ensure your confidentiality should you choose to contact us privately, but do not post about your case in the comments here (because reaching out for help with your case should be confidential, damn it).

If you have done both of the things mentioned earlier–signed a letter and paid us–then, and only then, you might be a client. But merely chatting with us online does not a client make. Suffice it to say, if you aren’t absolutely certain about whether or not an attorney-client relationship exists between yourself and Colorado Lawyer Team, you should probably ask for some clarity. Until then, we’ll keep your secrets but we don’t formally represent you… YET.