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Reviews from clients are often the greatest gift any business owner can receive. Read below to see what previous clients felt about our attorneys, Justie, Jenn, and Brandi.

  • The Best Thing I Could Have Done

    When my need for an attorney first came up, I reached out to trusted friends for recommendations and this is where I first learned about Brandi. I was limited from a financial perspective, but a face-to-face meeting made it clear that she would be a tremendous help. The 4 years I worked with her since then have confirmed that my decision to work with her was the best thing I could have done. The knowledge and experience she brought to the table has given us a visible advantage at every turn. Brandi showed a key strength in being able to identify and recommend options that could be agreeable to both sides. In many cases, this helped to resolve problems without even having to fight for it. Brandi has a comforting bedside manner, an eye on reality, and the ability to treat clients like human beings. It was a tough war to fight but I’m sure glad I had her on my side.

    Posted by MB
  • Brandi poured her heart and legal and courtroom talents into our case

    As a father of a young child, when my ex-wife filed for divorce and later wanted to move out of state with my son, I knew I had a uphill battle on my hands and I needed help. I sought a law firm that would fight for my rights as a father. As a man going through a custody battle, I knew realistically, the courts were not on my side.  Brandi poured her heart and legal and courtroom talents into our case. In court, Brandi Petterson is a heavyweight prize fighter whose quick thinking and one-two verbal judo allowed the truth to come out and ultimately, the custody battle was resolved in my favor. I became the primary residential parent of my young son.

    Posted by Craig R
  • Provided an extremely professional service

    Brandi Petterson acted swiftly and effectively within very tight timescales saving my home and my retirement by getting an inappropriate default judgement set aside. Subsequently, she provided an extremely professional service guiding me, an Englishman living in England, through the process of appealing the divorce settlement. Her support throughout was of tremendous benefit to me, especially during the two highly stressful court appearances where I spent many hours in the witness box. The successful outcome of the appeal was completely due to her diligence and the guidance she gave me.

    Posted by Robert P.
  • Extremely qualified and effective

    I feel very lucky finding Brandi and retaining her to represent me during a very difficult period of my life. My divorce case was significantly complicated by terrible, false accusations with potential criminal implications. My whole career and impeccable reputation depended on the outcome of this legal struggle.

    Not only did Brandi provide extremely qualified and effective professional services, bringing this challenging case to a successful conclusion. Truly amazing was the atmosphere of comfort and confidence she managed to create while tackling the most difficult, critical and sensitive issues I had to face. At all times, I knew that I could trust her expert opinion. She demonstrated that rare, perfect balance of staying very personal, working the issues passionately as if her own fate depended on the outcome and yet performing analysis and making decisions with cool, truly analytical, meticulously detail-oriented approach.

    And another, not an insignificant consideration. Brandi is very sensitive to the impact of the cost her legal services have on her client’s finances. Her personal integrity is uncompromising and truly refreshing.

    Again, I was just very lucky randomly finding Brandi‘s profile on her company’s website and putting my trust in several positive reviews I managed to “google out” and in the opinion I formed after an initial consultation with her. I hope this feedback helps other people make such important decision as selecting an attorney with more confidence and certainty.

    Posted by Oleg V.
  • The perfect advocate for me

    Having Brandi as my lawyer through my divorce was a God send. She listened, trusted in what I was saying, and was the perfect advocate for me to feel heard in court. We were up against a real piece of work, a lawyer who liked to play dirty and Brandi never backed down. She helped me to stand my ground and not back down from what I knew was right. Brandi pushed forward when I wanted her to, and backed off when I needed time to process what was happening. Divorces are rarely quick and easy, you want it to just hurry up and be done with. Brandi was able to do a great job in managing those feelings of mine and get me to see the value in a strategy and timing and I’m grateful for that. Most importantly with my case, Brandi had my safety and my son’s safety as top priority. Brandi is fair, firm, confident, and a wonderful advocate.

    Posted by R. Barton
  • Always a step ahead

    I started working with Brandi in 2010 when I filed for divorce. We had a very long and tedious hearing and she was my rock! My ex-husband was not the kindest or easiest person to settle with but Brandi made sure I walked away with what I needed to raise my four kids. Unfortunately my ex-husband failed to follow through with his obligations and caused us to return to court several more times through out the next few years, each time Brandi was always a step ahead and knew just how to handle the situation. At one point we had to fight for an emergency hearing to get my children back after they were removed from the home, Brandi made sure that all the right actions were taken and they were home safe in less than 24 hours. We recently had to return to court in 2016-17 and again Brandi came through and we were able to settle in the best interest of my children and I. I have never felt as though I was on the back burner or in the dark about any part of any of my cases, I have always had a say I what I wanted or needed. The work that Brandi has done is priceless to me.

    Posted by T.M.