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Reviews from clients are often the greatest gift any business owner can receive. Read below to see what previous clients felt about our attorneys, Justie, Jenn, and Brandi.

  • The Best Thing I Could Have Done

    When my need for an attorney first came up, I reached out to trusted friends for recommendations and this is where I first learned about Brandi. I was limited from a financial perspective, but a face-to-face meeting made it clear that she would be a tremendous help. The 4 years I worked with her since then have confirmed that my decision to work with her was the best thing I could have done. The knowledge and experience she brought to the table has given us a visible advantage at every turn. Brandi showed a key strength in being able to identify and recommend options that could be agreeable to both sides. In many cases, this helped to resolve problems without even having to fight for it. Brandi has a comforting bedside manner, an eye on reality, and the ability to treat clients like human beings. It was a tough war to fight but I’m sure glad I had her on my side.

    Posted by MB
  • Jennifer was very knowledgeable

    Jennifer was very knowledgeable, as well as very clear in her description of what to expect in a case such as mine. She was patient as I asked many questions, and she was down-to-earth and empathetic to my situation. Nicol Gersch Petterson’s biggest strength is their ability to see a person as a person. Jennifer understood that I made a huge mistake, and she stepped into the situation to make sure I wasn’t punished more than was necessary and that the consequences I faced weren’t beyond what I deserved.

    Posted by Ryan W.
  • Tough Case But We Won

    I looked around for lawyers for awhile and even interviewed several who offered consultations. Brandi didn’t charge me to meet with her and I knew from the minute I walked in I wanted to hire the her and the firm. Brandi and her staff went right to work and fought so hard for me I couldn’t ask for more. They always kept MY interests front and center and made sure I knew what was going on in my case all the time. She’d even sent me quick emails letting me know updates without me asking. She was amazing in the courtroom too – the judge really seemed to like her. Thank you Brandi!

    Posted by LMall
  • Jennifer believed in me as a person not just a client. My case was dismissed thanks to Jennifer.

    Jennifer is a wonderful attorney. She is a kind, friendly, down to earth, with a strong personality. Jennifer is an A+++ in my book.
    Thank you Jennifer!

    Posted by Tara
  • Wow, what a fight and we won!

    I have worked with various attorneys in my business and personal matters. I was faced with a battle that involved my children, livelihood, and future. And frankly, it was all on the line. I placed all of my trust in Brandi to handle these matters. She put up an amazing fight and won! In fact, the results were better than what I would have ever expected. She exceeded my expectations from day 1.

    Posted by Pete
  • DUI / BUI

    I retained Jennifer for a DUI/BUI case. Having to work with my past record; (in which I have a poor track record) she helped me in a truly Professional manner. She had gotten my DUI dismissed. I plead Guilty to the BUI (Boating under Intoxication). I feel she did her job in her best ability and, knowhow. I feel she will work very well for anyone. My Opinion Jennifer is way above average. I highly recommend her for any Case that you may have.

    Posted by Anthony
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