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Reviews from clients are often the greatest gift any business owner can receive. Read below to see what previous clients felt about our attorneys, Justie and Jenn.

  • DUI out of county help

    Jennifer was the essential part in my DUI case being dropped to a reckless driving. Her help to show my side of the event with her calm and receptive demeanor delivered an point communication with DA and Judge to get my deferred sentence. I am glad that I found her firm to walk me through the process and would certainly recommend her counsel.

    Posted by DUI Client
  • Thank you!

    I had to take the time to write this review (which I rarely do) for Justie Nicol. Justie Nicol was a tremendous support and ally that I never thought I’d find myself needing. She was able to help me resolve my situation quickly and went above and beyond to support me in understanding the process. Ms. Nicol is so knowledgeable and has such a calm presence. She provided much needed legal guidance and I cannot thank her enough! Highly recommend

    Posted by Renee
  • Jennifer believed in me as a person not just a client. My case was dismissed thanks to Jennifer.

    Jennifer is a wonderful attorney. She is a kind, friendly, down to earth, with a strong personality. Jennifer is an A+++ in my book.
    Thank you Jennifer!

    Posted by Tara
  • I can’t think of any way NLO could better serve me.

    Justie was very helpful and friendly. She was very attentive and well-prepared. I can’t think of any weaknesses! Extremely satisfied.

    Posted by Anonymously
  • My first impression of Justie: she cares for her clients.

    Justie’s strength is communication and weakness is none.

    Posted by Bryce
  • Believed in me

    The thing I loved most about her is she listened to my story before even giving a quote. And through it all she always believed in me. She did the best she could with what was in front of her and always gave her honest advise. As anyone knows who has dealt with the courts the “innocent til proven guilty” thing is a lie. Because of that she couldnt get me completely off a crime i didn’t commit. And yes i know every says that. But she got it down from 8 felonies and 3 misdemeanors totalling over 20 years in prison to 1 misdemeanor with just two years probabtion thats pretty damn good. Even after the conviction she stayed by my side. She has fought for early termination for me. As i said the biggest thing is she listens to her clients and doesnt just want some insane amount of money because the state says you did something. When youre facing as much time as i was and you really didnt commit the offense you want someone in your corner who believes in you. I would definitely recommend you consult with her be upfront and honest and take her advice. She wont lead you in a bad direction.

    Posted by Matthew