Assault involves unlawful contact with other people and thus is often seen as a crime of violence. The level of the assault charges and the potential penalties vary based on the situation. Since many assault charges are felony offenses, a conviction can create long-term consequences such as an inability to seek certain types of jobs and own a firearm. Get help from a Westminster assault lawyer. Working with a skilled criminal lawyer at Colorado Lawyer Team may be an essential step in protecting your rights and building a solid defense in your case. We will work hard to help you fight the charges and avoid a conviction.

Facing Assault Charges in Westminster

There are three separate degrees of assault in the State of Colorado, ranging from first-degree assault to third-degree assault. Depending on the degree of the crime charged, the situation, and the extent of the injuries that occurred, individuals may face felony or misdemeanor charges for an assault.

Assault charges can result in significant penalties, so building a strong defense to the charges can be crucial. Consulting an assault lawyer in Westminster can be the best way to approach pending criminal charges.

First-Degree Assault Charges

Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated § 18-3-202 provides that first-degree assault, which is a felony offense, occurs under primarily under four circumstances:

  • Intentionally causing serious bodily injury to another using a deadly weapon
  • Deliberately inflicting severe and permanent disfigurement or permanently disabling a member or organ of another
  • Purposely engaging in conduct that poses a grave risk of death to others and results in serious bodily injury under circumstances that reflect extreme indifference to human life
  • Knowingly strangling or restricting the breathing of another and causing severe bodily injury

First-degree assault also may occur in specific situations in which various classes of people suffer serious physical injuries, such as peace officers, firefighters, and emergency medical services personnel. Separate provisions also address first-degree assault concerning judges and employees of juvenile detention facilities.

Second-Degree Assault Charges

Second-degree assault under Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 18-3-203 is also a felony offense of varying levels. This offense results when persons intentionally or recklessly cause bodily injury to another using a deadly weapon or purposely cause physical harm to specific individuals in the course of their lawful duties, such as peace officers, firefighters, and emergency services personnel. Second-degree assault charges also may apply in cases in which persons who are lawfully confined or in custody use intentional and violent physical force against officers or other selected individuals.

Administering a substance to others without consent that renders them unconscious or mentally or physically impaired can also constitute second-degree assault. Although second-degree assault charges are generally less severe than first-degree assault charges, as an experienced assault attorney in Westminster knows, the penalties for a conviction can still have serious ramifications. A second-degree assault charge can be a Class 3, 4, or 6 felony offense, depending on the circumstances.

Third-Degree Assault Charges

Third-degree assault is a misdemeanor offense that occurs when:

  • Individuals knowingly or recklessly cause bodily injury to another
  • Individuals cause bodily injury using a deadly weapon with criminal negligence
  • Individuals intentionally cause peace officers, firefighters, or emergency medical services personnel to have contact with hazardous substances, including saliva, urine, and various other secretions

A Class 1 misdemeanor conviction can result in a sentence in the county jail of between six and 18 months, plus fines ranging from $500 to $5,000. Third-degree assault also is categorized as an “extraordinary risk crime,” which automatically adds six months to the sentence.

Reach Out To a Westminster Assault Attorney For Advice Today

Assault and related charges can have a quick and unanticipated impact on your life, both professionally and personally. You may be unable to pursue some careers and even lose your current job, depending on the situation. Having a Westminster assault lawyer to defend you can be critical to the outcome of your case.

If you choose to handle criminal proceedings on your own, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed and without the knowledge that you need to protect your rights. Experienced legal counsel may be able to make a difference in your criminal proceedings that will allow you to reach a better result. Call Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team today to get started building your defense.