Rebecca is a bookworm, a dog mom, and a card shark who understands that surviving in this crazy world is stressful and often overwhelming. Rebecca has primarily focused on civil litigation in her earlier legal career, but she has a diverse background. Rebecca is a seasoned attorney and has worked closely with our founder, Justie Nicol, for years. Rebecca is highly capable of representing clients in a variety of areas in local, state, and federal courts. Rebecca is taking criminal law and family law cases with Justie Nicol, and she is the head of the new employment and civil litigation section of the Colorado Lawyer Team.

Yes, COLawTeam can now help employers and employees with employment cases! Rebecca’s practice has focused on helping both employers and employees understand the line between the needs and requirements of a company, and the legal rights of employees. If you are confused with all of the recent changes to Colorado employment law, Rebecca will take the time to listen to your questions and help you identify and solve issues you may face.

Rebecca also has done significant amounts of civil litigation. She’s no stranger to the courtroom! She is enjoying learning the similarities between civil litigation and other types of trials. She’s detailed in her criminal analyses, and is a self-proclaimed “over-communicator” (which her clients love).

Rebecca graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts and obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of Denver and has lived in Colorado for many years. In her free time, Rebecca likes to read urban fantasy novels, play volleyball, play euchre and pinochle, garden (badly), and horseback ride. She has two small dogs that she adores, has a tendency to buy kitchen gadgets she never uses, and is obsessed with cooking videos on YouTube.


  • Bachelor of Arts and obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of Denver

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