The attorneys at Colorado Lawyer Team are proud to actively support organizations and individuals who dedicate their time to their community and to those in need. It is important to the firm that we support those who may not have been given the same opportunities as those who have been more fortunate.

Underrepresented and Oppressed Law Students Scholarship

The recent heightened racial tensions and worldwide protests have inspired us to get involved and support those who have been oppressed for decades. In an effort to combat the issue of lack of diversity in the legal field and to promote minority participation in law, the attorneys at Colorado Lawyer Team will award $1,000 to the winner of this scholarship. If you identify as a minority and are pursuing or are interested in pursuing a career in law, you are eligible for our scholarship!

We are accepting applications for this year’s Underrepresented and Oppressed Law Students Scholarship now through February 28, 2022!

Please visit our scholarship page to learn how to apply.

Educational Journey Scholarship

As criminal defense lawyers, Justie Nicol and Jennifer Gersch have seen the impact having an education can have on our youth and where they end up in life time and time again. That is why they offered the Educational Journey Scholarship in 2019. It was their hope to provide the next generation of students with some financial aid in order to make their education dreams come true.

They asked applicants to tell them why they were passionate about their studies and how they planned to use their degrees after graduation. The $1,000 scholarship was awarded to an individual who embodies all of the passions and characteristics the firm was looking for.

To find out more about our 2019 winner, please visit the scholarship winners’ page.

Proud Pet Parent Nomination

In 2021, Colorado Lawyer Team decided to host a fun nomination to show their love for their furry friends! For this nomination, the firm asked people to nominate someone who LOVES their pet. They asked you to pick someone who is the best mother or father to their pet and to tell us what makes the individual the best pet parent ever.

You can learn more about this nomination and our 2021 winner here.