Colorado Lawyer Team, or COLawTeam for short, is a family law and criminal defense law firm where we treat every client, potential client, family members of clients, and colleagues as VIP’s. We are innovators who use technology to make legal help for our clients affordable. We care about our community and we teach other lawyers often because we love sharing what we’ve learned from our extensive experience. We strive to help everyone that we meet, and are “givers” in the true sense of the word and we’ve been known to use the #NotYourAverageLawyers hashtag on social media. We’re real people who care about you!

Once you sign up for help with COLawTeam, you become part of our team dedicated to working on your case and helping you improve your life (not just your court case). We make it easy to get legal help in domestic relations or criminal court cases with a two-step intake process (answer a few questions, and then calendar a call at a time that works for you). And we offer flexible payment plans and even long-term loans. We look forward to discussing how we can help you—FOR FREE—during an initial consult via phone soon!

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The origin story of Colorado Lawyer Team (COLawTeam) started in 2015, when Justie Nicol started her solo law firm, Nicol Law Offices.

Since then, multiple team members, an entirely new practice area (or three), and several attorneys have been added.

What was once Nicol Law Offices is now COLawTeam, a full-fledged criminal defense, family law, employment, and civil litigation practice built to be the law firm of the future.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense is a very broad term and can cover everything from petty offenses in municipal court all the way to serious felony matters in District Court. The good news is we handle all of it. We work to ensure clients have effective and efficient criminal defense no matter what level of offense they are charged with. Because although it may not be a life or death case for us, it’s still our client’s lives and we care about their well-being!

Criminal Defense is a broad term that covers everything from petty offenses in municipal court to serious felony matters in district court. The good news is that we handle all of it. We work to ensure clients have efficient criminal defense no matter what level of offense they’ve been charged with. Because although it may not be a life or death case for us, it’s still our clients’ lives, and we care about their well-being.


DUI, DWAI, and Traffic Cases involve much more than going to court to represent yourself. Colorado Lawyer Team can represent you in the criminal matter AND assist with Department of Motor Vehicle/ DMV hearings and appeals!


An allegation of domestic violence (DV) is a serious issue that can impact your relationship with your family, your ability to maintain employment, and your freedom. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction could be devastating and last a lifetime.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, let a tenacious defense attorney help you fight the charges. To defend yourself and your rights, contact a Greenwood Village domestic violence lawyer. Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team are ready to help you build a defense against the charges immediately upon your arrest.

Are you facing a legal dispute or seeking representation for civil litigation matters in Colorado? Look no further. Our experienced team of civil litigation attorneys is here to provide you with comprehensive legal support and representation. With a proven track record of successfully representing individuals and businesses in litigation, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of civil law cases.

Are you facing employment-related challenges as an employee or an employer in Colorado? Look no further. Our experienced team of employment law attorneys is here to provide you with comprehensive legal representation and guidance.

With a track record of successfully representing both employees and employers in litigation at the state and federal levels, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of employment law matters.

The Colorado Lawyer Team (COLawTeam) have experienced attorneys on stagg who specialize in family law, including custody battles and divorce proceedings, mediation, and post-decree modifications. We understand that family legal issues can be emotional and difficult, which is why we strive to provide compassionate and efficient service. We provide holistic legal representation, and try to help you with all your problems–whatever they might be–in order to help you achieve your legal goals. Our team of lawyers has a deep understanding of Colorado family law and the intricacies of the Colorado family court system. We will work tirelessly to help you through one is usually one of the hardest periods of your life. Trust the COLawTeam to handle your family legal matters with care and expertise.

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The most common issues addressed in family law cases include divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, adoption, and domestic violence.

While they may seem similar at first, DMV and DUI proceedings differ in several ways. In this video, we provide an overview of DMV and DUI charges, along with explanations about which charge may require a court appearance.

After a criminal conviction occurs, many people wonder how it will impact them in the future. In this video, we explore how a conviction or guilty plea may affect a person’s criminal record, offering insights into the matter.

When facing a criminal or family law matter, having a knowledgeable attorney can be critical for a favorable outcome. In this video, founding partner and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer Justie Nicol discusses how her team’s education and experience help them advocate for the best interest of their clients

When navigating criminal case proceedings, many people wonder whether negotiating a case or preparing for trial is the best option. In this video, we feature insights into each process, discussing how a holistic approach may be the preferred choice.

Felonies and misdemeanors are different classifications of charges that come with different penalties. In this video, the subject matter expert delves into felony and misdemeanor charges, offering insights into the penalties associated with each type of charge.

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While there is no guarantee of success in any legal matter, your odds of achieving a positive result in yours could be boosted significantly if you retain seasoned legal counsel. Various legal defenses may apply to criminal accusations, and working with legal counsel will allow you to develop a strategy that is truly focused on what is best for you. The same is true for family law situations, an experienced domestic relations attorney can help you navigate this very complicated area of law.

If you are facing criminal charges or need help with a family law issue, you should contact an experienced Greenwood Village criminal defense and family lawyer right away for advice. We make it easy for people to start getting legal help—just answer a few questions and then calendar an appointment with one of our highly experienced attorneys for a free thirty-minute phone call. Remote offices are available by appointment for in-person meetings.