10 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting

In 2020, there were 2.9 divorces for every thousand people in Colorado. Many of these divorces involve children that will need co-parenting in Denver and beyond, which can prove challenging for couples that have just experienced an emotional divorce.

The co-parenting journey is rarely easy, but there are plenty of things that you and your co-parent can do to ease the transition for both yourselves and your children. Here are ten of our top tips for healthy co-parenting.

#1- Effective Communication Is Essential

The first and most important tip for co-parenting is maintaining effective communication between you, your child, and your ex-partner. Find a system that works for you to ensure everyone is on the same page.

#2- Document Everything

Sometimes, a difficult co-parent will push issues to the courtroom. Document and date any problem that arises so you can refer back to it in court. If you foresee your ex-partner taking legal action, be sure to contact an attorney experienced in family law. Denver residents can rely on the COLaw Team to protect them and their children.

One resource we always recommend to our clients to maintain documentation is Talking Parents, an all-in-one communications service for shared parenting. Many Colorado courts use this app to ensure there is a full record of any interactions between co-parents to keep both parties accountable.

#3- Regular Scheduling

Establishing a regular schedule with a family calendar helps keeps things in order and prevents misunderstandings between you and your co-parent. A predictable routine will also help your children feel grounded during what may be a tumultuous time.

#4- Stay Respectful

Keeping your discussions civil and respecting each others’ boundaries shows your child that you and your co-parent are a united front and gives them a feeling of safety. Acting with respect will also establish a model for your child as they form relationships with others.

#5- Empower Your Child

Give your child agency to make choices regarding the other parent. Do not force your child to change their feelings or actions towards your co-parent, regardless of how you might feel about them.

#6- Be Positive

Never fight in front of your child or bad-mouth the other parent to your child. Such actions can cause stress for your child and unnecessary tension with your ex. If you disagree with your co-parent, as is sure to occur at some stage, have these conversations in private for a more effective and less disruptive resolution.

#7- Learn to Forgive.

You do not have to forgive everything that caused your separation. However, learning to forgive the mistakes your ex makes while co-parenting will help you maintain a healthy environment for your child.

#8- Remember You’re Both Parents

Never forget that you are both parents to the same child. They love you both, and fighting over co-parenting will cause your child distress as they will feel torn between you.

#9- Do Not Put the Responsibility on Your Child

Your child is not the intermediary between you and your ex. Not only does this put an unnecessary burden on your child, but it prevents necessary communication. Remember that any issues you may have with your ex are your problems, not your child’s. 

#10- Seek Professional Help

If you and your ex-partner are struggling to create a co-parenting plan, you may want to seek the help of a professional. Find a therapist who specializes in co-parenting and can help you build a consistent and dependable environment where your children can thrive.

Need Legal Help?

Sometimes, an ex-partner will make it seem like you’re testing the limits of co-parenting. Colorado residents in this position can rely on legal help from professionals in child custody like the COLaw Team.

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