What are Our Legal DIY Packages?

The legal system—either the divorce or the criminal justice system—is hard. But getting legal help doesn’t have to be. Legal DIY is a package of “a la carte” legal help that we have developed to serve our communities and bring greater access to justice. Not everyone needs full-blown legal representation every step of the way. Many of our clients—both criminal defendants or family law clients—are sophisticated and able to handle most of their own cases with limited help from an attorney to guide them down the right path.

Legal DIY is just that: help to guide you down the right path. Get in touch with our skilled legal team at Colorado Lawyer Team to learn about our new Legal DIY Packages today.

What Is And Is Not Covered

In general, Legal DIY is just that—you do the heavy lifting, and we just provide the legal information and framework for you to be successful. Legal DIY packages require an engagement letter to be signed and payment in full upfront for the full package (for price list, click here).  Attorney time is strictly limited to the package purchased (4 hours for large DIY Package vs. 1 hour for traffic DIY Package, for example).  Under no circumstances will we appear in court on behalf of a Legal DIY client. We will not conduct negotiations with opposing parties, victims, or prosecutors, but we can tell you when you need to do so. We will provide form templates and blank forms for your use, but will not ghostwrite pleadings for you. All such forms will not mention COLawTeam as the originating firm, and you are prohibited from signing our name to documents you draft.

Packages include limited phone calls to provide legal information, a detailed instructional call after our review of the situation, and a written toolkit at the end of the representation to outline the next steps and clarify information gone over in the call. Once the toolkit is delivered and/or the instruction call completed, the representation ceases unless and until a new engagement letter is signed.

Legal DIY at Colorado Lawyer Team

In some situations, you need full representation and we’ll tell you that. But in others–such as an uncontested divorce, or a traffic ticket–it may actually cost you more than it’s worth to get an attorney’s help. Long before we partnered with Hello Divorce on family law cases, our criminal defense partners at COLawTeam were working on bringing Legal DIY to the criminal defense field, as well. Now–several years later–there are a variety of ways that our Legal DIY packages can help you with your criminal case or that of a loved one.

  • Traffic ticket information
  • Contacted by police for interview
  • Active warrant, now what?!
  • Incarceration and posting bail
  • Be Proactive
    • What to expect with the DA
    • Understanding charges
    • DUI Tips/Tricks
    • DV Considerations
    • Common mitigation strategies
    • How to preserve evidence
    • Dealing with a public defender
  • Mental health concerns
    • Competency evaluations and restoration
    • Bridges program
    • Helping the elderly navigate the system
  • Procedural motions and protection orders
    • Motions to Continue
    • Motions to Modify Protection Orders
    • Motions to Modify Bond Conditions
    • Help with other standard forms
  • Family law issues
    • Simple document review
    • Pleadings suggestions
    • Procedural questions
    • Temporary restraining order issues
    • Permanent protection order hearings
    • Grandparent’s adoption rights
  • Replevin and Animal Law help

    We are always expanding the list of DIY topics, and if you’ve got a relatively simple issue, just call us at 970-670-0738 to book a consult and we can tell you what we recommend!

Conflict Checks Are Required

Conflicts of interest do sometimes arise (most often when victims of domestic violence contact us for help, and then later want us to represent the defendant in full criminal defense representation). In some instances, a conflict may be waivable, but in others, it is not. Any and all representation is subject to appropriate conflict checks. This is one of the reasons that we do quick upfront 10-minute calls to discuss cases, as well, because often we're asking about the scope of representation. We want to help you get the help you need!

Limited Or Unbundled Legal Help

Only an attorney who is fully representing someone and entered into the case on their behalf can really give good legal advice. Legal DIY Packages provide legal information and tips and tricks that are not meant to be legal advice applicable to only your case but more informational in nature. Much of what good attorneys do requires full access to the case file, no time constraints, and authorization to negotiate as your attorney in fact. This is not what Legal DIY is about. Strategies for how best to handle the case are for full-service attorneys only.

What If I Need More Help?

The best part about Legal DIY is that you can sign up for another package at any time. As cases go through the courts, your questions will likewise change over time.  Our system is meant to be "a la carte," giving you the freedom to come back any time when you're stuck. If you decide that you can't navigate the system after all, or you've tried, and things went sideways, we're here to help and also offer full representation for our clients.  When you retain us fully, your problems become our problems. We handle all the case review, negotiations, drafting, and filing. You just have to show up and follow our instructions!