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Change is Hard. Finding a Good Lawyer Shouldn’t Be.

At Colorado Lawyer Team (COLawTeam), every client, colleague, and court is treated with the same amount of respect. You are a VIP person the moment you join our team. Yes, team. Because going through domestic relations court can be so lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here for you every step of the way. We are not your average lawyers.

Yes, experience matters. We can go on and on about our years of doing this. But, really, what makes us different is that you can talk to us. We learn all about you—often really intimate things—in our family law representation. And we care about you. We form friendships with many if not most of our clients, and we remember each and every detail of your case when it really matters. Mostly, though, we want you to know: you matter.

You Matter

You have worked hard for what you’ve earned. You’re successful and you have assets you’d like to keep. You want what’s best for your children. Yes, you want to be reasonable and fair, but not to your own detriment. As part of our team, what you want matters. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Let Colorado Lawyer Team help you rebuild and move forward!

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COLawTeam launched the family law portion of the firm during COVID-19 at a time when many firms were trying to find a way to work from home and keep their doors open. COLawTeam has ALWAYS been a virtual firm, though. Our systems were founded in 2015, when Justie Nicol began exploring tech as a way to supplement what she alone could do. Now, with a team of 8 and growing, COLawTeam has fine-tuned technology as a way to keep costs down and help more people on a more affordable basis.

We don’t try to “sell you” during your consult. We fully expect that you’ll go talk to other lawyers and we’ll even arm you with some questions that might help you locate the right lawyer. We aren’t the right fit for everyone, after all, and nor do we expect to be. You need the right lawyer for you.

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