Facing criminal charges can result in a great deal of stress and concern for your future, both personally and professionally. Trying to understand the various laws and procedures that apply in your case can seem hopelessly confusing. A Greeley criminal lawyer may be able to explain the charges against you and answer any questions that you may have in your case.

Attempting to handle criminal charges on your own can be a scary. It is best to get the help of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer who can answer your questions and help you build a defense. Our biggest tip: DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE WITHOUT TALKING TO AN ATTORNEY FIRST.

You do not need to handle your case alone. We are here to help! We have tons of experience helping people fight their cases. Call Colorado Lawyer Team at 970-670-0738 ASAP. Let us help you fight the charges.

The Importance of Legal Advice in Greeley Criminal Cases

Individuals who are facing criminal charges have a lot to lose if they have a poor outcome in their cases. They could lose their jobs, driving privileges, civil rights, and even their freedom in many cases. Other consequences of a criminal conviction can mean the loss of family and friends, the inability to return to a former occupation, and limitations on career options in the future.

By getting legal advice, individuals may position themselves to be more likely to achieve their goals for the outcome of their cases. A skilled criminal lawyer in Greeley could work to discredit the evidence in support of the criminal charges by conducting further investigation, interviewing witnesses, or viewing surveillance or audio records. Legal counsel also can review the evidence and determine the course of action that is most likely to generate a successful income.

With strong legal representation, individuals may be more likely to obtain a lower bail amount, serve less jail time, and resolve outstanding criminal warrants. Legal counsel may be able to negotiate reduced charges or get a favorable plea agreement. In some cases, individuals may even achieve a dismissal of some or all charges or be acquitted at trial.

Typical Greeley Criminal Charges

People can face hundreds of different criminal charges, but some charges occur more frequently than others. Our experienced attorneys at COLawTeam often handle criminal cases, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while ability impaired (DWAI)
  • Drug offenses
  • Shoplifting and theft charges
  • Domestic violence offenses
  • Traffic violations
  • Firearm and weapons charges
  • Sexual offenses

Criminal offenses can be felonies or misdemeanors under Colorado law, depending in large part on the severity of the crime and any prior criminal history. For instance, a first-time DUI charge is a misdemeanor, but a repeat offender can face felony DUI charges.

Penalties for Greeley Criminal Offenses

Most criminal offenses carry the potential for serious jail time, especially for a felony conviction. You may also have to pay significant fines and report to a probation or parole officer who may supervise you for years to come.

In many cases, individuals may receive a sentence providing for both incarceration and probation, or probation instead of incarceration. Being subject to probation requires adherence to various rules and requirements, such as the completion of community service hours, regular appointments with probation officers, and random drug testing. Violation of probation can result in even more penalties, most of which involve returning to jail or prison. A common requirement for most probation officers is a requirement that you tell them any time you have police contact—whether or not it results in new charges or is for something as innocuous as a traffic citation.

Additional consequences of criminal convictions are also possible depending on the offense. For example, a DUI or DUAC conviction is likely to result in a suspension of driving privileges. A felony conviction for any crime will render individuals permanently ineligible to possess firearms and can also affect voting rights. A drug/alcohol conviction while underage can affect a minor’s ability to get student loans. The collateral consequences of a conviction may often be worse than the direct consequences, and they’re not required to tell you about collateral consequences in court!

Consult a Greeley Criminal Attorney Today

When your freedom and many other rights are at stake, you are likely to need legal assistance to reach any level of success in your case and your life after your case. Whether your goal is to obtain reduced charges, minimize potential penalties, or overcome the charges against you, you may be better situated to do so if you have a Greeley criminal lawyer on your side.

While no case is perfect and optimum results are rare when it comes to criminal charges, taking steps to fight back against your criminal charges is wise. You should educate yourself about your potential options before making any decisions that can have a tremendous impact on your future. Let us take care of the legal parts of your case and help prove your innocence. Call Colorado Lawyer Team today!