Following an unfavorable ruling, it is usually possible to ask a higher court to review the decision or ruling of the lower courts. However, the appeals process can be complex and difficult to pursue on your own. A Greenwood Village appeals lawyer could advocate on your behalf to help you change the court’s decision.

A knowledgeable defense attorney could review your case to identify the specific legal grounds that might exist for filing an appeal as well as ensuring all paperwork is filed promptly. A criminal appeal is likely to be denied if it is not filed correctly and by the specified deadline. Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team could help your case by completing and filing all necessary documents within the deadlines specified by law.

Reasons for Filing an Appeal in Greenwood Village

Depending on the circumstances, individuals may be eligible to file an appeal of a criminal conviction or sentence in Greenwood Village. Some possible reasons for filing an appeal include:

  • Jurors were given improper instructions
  • Juror misconduct occurred during the trial
  • Prosecutorial misconduct occurred during the trial
  • Errors or improper applications of the law during the trial
  • A judicial error occurred in the handling of the case

There can be other legal justifications for filing an appeal beyond those listed above. A skilled Greenwood Village appeals attorney could review the details of a case, including the court’s ruling, and determine if there are legal grounds for filing an appeal.

The Appeals Process in Greenwood Village

An appeal involves submitting a request to have a higher court review the decision of a lower one. Several steps are involved in the criminal appeals process in Greenwood Village including:

  • Determining the correct court with which to file the appeal
  • Determining applicable filing deadlines
  • Correctly completing the required documents or forms
  • Filing the required forms or documents with the correct court
  • Paying both the filing fee and appeal bond
  • Sending copies of the Opening Brief and the Notice of Appeal and Designation of Record to the district attorney

Several forms are required when initially filing an appeal, including a Notice of Appeal and Designation of Record, and a jurisdiction-specific, local Transcript Request form.

In addition to these two forms, an Opening Brief is also required later in the appeals process. The Opening Brief outlines the legal mistakes that allegedly occurred in the lower court during the original case and also offers legal evidence or documentation to support the allegations. It is generally very intense to draft an Opening Brief and is not something unrepresented litigants should try to do on their own. There’s even an entire book (the Blue Book) for how to cite to earlier cases and opinions that support your position  A seasoned appeals lawyer at Colorado Lawyer Team could ensure all required documents and forms, including the Opening brief, are prepared correctly and provide sufficient documentation to support all claims for appellate relief.

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A successful appeal could result in a favorable change in the status of a conviction or sentence, a lighter sentence, or even dismissal or reversal of the case entirely. However, the appeals process in Greenwood Village can be complex and involves an extensive amount of research, attention to detail, and timeliness. A Greenwood Village appeals lawyer could work on your behalf to help you get a favorable outcome.

Justie and Jenn at Colorado Lawyer Team could help you with your appeal.  All you have to do is ask. Call today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.