Under Colorado law, theft crimes are treated as serious offenses. You can be charged with theft if law enforcement believes that you obtained something valuable that belongs to another person without their approval. There is a wide variety of potential theft charges that could be brought against you. A diligent criminal defense lawyer might be helpful in explaining how each charge works.

You should take on a potential theft prosecution on your own. The potential penalties for a theft conviction can have long-lasting effects, so it may be worth enlisting the help of a Greenwood Village theft lawyer. Our legal team has lots of experience helping those who have been accused of theft. Let us help you fight the charges.

Types of Colorado Theft Crimes

All theft offenses in Colorado involve the permanent deprivation of another person from an item. Theft charges are defined by Colorado Statute 18-4-401. These charges can vary depending on the value of the item involved. For less expensive goods, a theft charge is considered a misdemeanor. But an alleged theft of more expensive goods will result in a felony charge. Below are the different types of theft charges:

  • Class 3 misdemeanor: Theft of items valued between $50 and $299.99
  • Class 2 misdemeanor: Theft of items valued between $300 and $749.99
  • Class 1 misdemeanor: Theft of items valued between $750 and $1999.99
  • Class 6 felony: Theft of items valued between $2,000 and $4,999.99
  • Class 5 felony: Theft of items valued between $5,000 and $19,999.99
  • Class 4 felony: Theft of items valued between $20,000 and $99,999.99
  • Class 3 felony: Theft of items valued between $100,000 and $999,999.99
  • Class 2 felony: Theft of items valued at $1,000,000 or more

A seasoned Greenwood Village theft attorney could review the facts of the case and help the defendant build a defense.

Impact of a Theft Conviction

The consequences of a theft conviction in Colorado are never good. However, the severity of these consequences depends on a few factors. A felony conviction could have much greater consequences than a misdemeanor.

When a person is convicted of theft, the consequences can follow them for the rest of their life. Some of the collateral consequences of a felony theft conviction include:

  • Difficulty obtaining housing
  • Difficulty obtaining employment
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Loss of the right to own a firearm

There are additional consequences for a conviction of theft. A theft conviction could disqualify a person for many employment opportunities and can put professional licenses at risk.  This is true even for misdemeanor theft convictions.

A theft conviction can also have a profound impact on immigration proceedings. Even minor theft charges can result in a denial of citizenship. In some cases, a conviction could lead to deportation.

A skilled Greenwood Village theft attorney could help determine any mitigating factors to help the defendant avoid the severe consequences of a conviction.

Seek Help from a Greenwood Village Theft Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges for theft in Greenwood Village, our team could guide you through the criminal justice process. A conviction can have significant consequences, so it is essential to reach out to a Greenwood Village theft lawyer as soon as possible.

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