With many states nationwide adapting to trends regarding the legalization of marijuana use, it is easy for individuals to be confused about the updated laws regarding cannabis use. Each state has its own laws and regulations for the recreational use of marijuana. In the State of Colorado, individuals could be charged with a narcotics offense involving the possession, selling, distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking of illicit drugs or substances.  Following an accusation or charge for a narcotics offense, it is best to seek help from a skilled attorney who knows how to navigate the legal system and could advocate on your behalf.

If you are facing a narcotics charge, let a Loveland drug lawyer help. The tenacious attorneys at Colorado Lawyer Team understand the laws regarding cannabis use and can help you build a defense against the charges. Speak to a knowledgeable defense attorney to discuss your rights and legal options.

Marijuana Laws in Loveland

Under §7.60 of the Loveland Municipal Code, only a patient or primary caregiver registered in accordance with state law may cultivate, possess, or provide medical marijuana in Loveland. The operation of centers to cultivate or distribute it and licenses to manufacture products infused with it are prohibited in the city even if they are permitted by state law. Penalties for these misdemeanors may include of a fine of up to $1,000, imprisonment of up to a year, or both, for every day or part of the day such a violation occurs.

Section 7.65 prohibits establishments such as retail stores and facilities for cultivating, testing, and manufacturing marijuana in Loveland. Charges and penalties are similar to those related to medical marijuana. Someone charged with such a misdemeanor could benefit from speaking to a Loveland drug attorney who understands marijuana laws in the State of Colorado.

Drug-Related Crimes in Colorado

Colorado Revised Statutes §18-18-406  makes various activities related to marijuana and cannabis concentrate unlawful except in cases where the Colorado State Constitution permits them. The statute encompasses a wide range of charges and penalties, from petty offenses to level one felonies. The amount of the prohibited substance in question plays a key role in determining the charge.

The laws in Colorado for possession of a controlled substance are becoming more lenient with lighter penalties and the ability to seal drug convictions and arrests more easily and quicker. The possession of moderate amounts of narcotics will soon become misdemeanors rather than felony offenses. It is best to speak to a diligent Loveland drug attorney to learn about the updated laws regarding narcotics use.

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