You can face a variety of drug offenses under Colorado law, such as possession, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution. No matter if your charges involve cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or other controlled substances or narcotics, you may wish to protect yourself by contacting a Greenwood Village drug lawyer at Colorado Lawyer Team right away. The ramifications of either a misdemeanor or felony drug conviction could be severe, including jail or prison time, high fines, probation, and a permanent criminal conviction on your record so it is best to seek legal representation prior to appearing in court.

Aggressive and skilled legal representation could mean the difference between a felony or misdemeanor conviction or potentially an opportunity to completely wipe the charges of your record forever!

Schedules of Drugs

Felony Drug Offenses

For criminal drug laws, Colorado has adopted a classification system of drug felony or drug misdemeanor (DF or DM) and ranks them DF1-DF4 or DM1-DM2 depending on the type of drug, the amount found on the person, and if that person was in possession based on the amount, or whether there is evidence to support the person was going to distribute or sell to others. DF1 drug offenses are punishable by a mandatory prison sentence and even DF4 drug offenses are punishable up to 2 years in prison if convicted.

Misdemeanor Drug Offenses

Misdemeanor drug offenses are further classified into DM1 or DM2 crimes. These offenses carry the potential for less severe sanctions than those for felony drug offenses, but they could create a criminal record with harsher penalties than for petty crimes.

Consider Contacting a Greenwood Village Drug Attorney for Help

Colorado courts take drug charges very seriously, which could have harsh consequences for you and other individuals who are facing state drug charges. The repercussions that you may suffer as a result of a drug conviction can be severe and go beyond incarceration and fines to impact other aspects of your life, as well. A Greenwood Village drug lawyer may be able to fully explain the potential outcome of drug charges in your situation and work toward a more favorable outcome in your case.

When you are facing any criminal charges, you have the right to get the assistance of experienced legal counsel at any time. Protect your rights by ensuring that you have legal representation at all stages of your criminal proceedings. Call the Colorado Lawyer Team so we can walk you through the process and discuss with you your rights and how best to proceed forward on your case. Going to court alone is not a good idea, and we’re here to help!