Being arrested for or charged for solicitation can be an overwhelming experience and there is no reason you should face the charges alone. A conviction for solicitation could result in such penalties as imprisonment and serious fines. Let a Greenwood Village solicitation lawyer help you fight the charges.

Jenn and Justie at Colorado Lawyer Team could help you by preparing a defense to the charges or possibly negotiating a plea agreement. Additionally, a knowledgeable defense attorney could protect your legal rights while fighting to obtain the best outcome possible for you.

What is Solicitation?

Soliciting for prostitution is prohibited in Colorado as specified in Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-7-202. The law identifies three forms of solicitation:

  • Offering to give money or other valuables to another person in exchange for sexual activity
  • Arranging a meeting for other individuals to engage in prostitution or offers to arrange such a meeting
  • Knowingly directing other individuals to a place where they can solicit others for prostitution

The offense of soliciting for prostitution is a Class 3 misdemeanor in Greenwood Village. The penalties for Class 3 misdemeanors include a fine up to $5,000 and a possible jail sentence of up to six months.

Individuals with prior arrests or convictions for solicitation of prostitution could potentially receive harsher penalties if convicted. A skilled Greenwood Village solicitation attorney could answer questions about the laws prohibiting solicitation and the penalties associated with solicitation offenses.

Laws Against Patronizing a Prostitute in Greenwood Village

The Colorado Revised Statutes identify and prohibit several additional offenses similar to soliciting for prostitution. One such offense is referred to as patronizing a prostitute and is detailed in Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-7-205.

Whereas solicitation involves the offer of money or valuables in exchange for sexual services, patronizing involves the actual act of engaging in sexual activities with a prostitute. Additionally, entering or remaining in a place of prostitution with the intent to engage in the act of sexual activity also constitutes patronizing a prostitute under the law.

Patronizing a prostitute in Greenwood Village is a Class 1 misdemeanor. The penalties can include a fine up to $5,000, as well as possible imprisonment for up to 18 months. A seasoned solicitation lawyer in Greenwood Village could review the charges and help individuals avoid the penalties of a conviction.

Laws Against Soliciting for Child Prostitution in Greenwood Village

Soliciting for child prostitution is a serious felony offense prohibited in Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-7-402. Soliciting for child prostitution includes:

  • Soliciting another individual for prostitution of or by a child
  • Arranging or offering to arrange a meeting of others for the purpose of prostitution of or by a child
  • Knowingly directing others to a place where they can solicit for child prostitution

Soliciting anyone who is a minor constitutes solicitation for child prostitution and is a Class 3 felony offense punishable by four to twelve years in prison followed by five years of parole, as well as a fine. It is possible to be charged with soliciting for child prostitution even if a person was unaware that the individual being solicited was underage. If convicted of Patronizing a prostituted child under Colorado Revised Statutes § 18-7-406, one could be sentenced to an indeterminate amount of time to the Department of Corrections.
Both Solicitation for child prostitution and Patronizing a prostituted child are acts considered to be unlawful sexual behavior requiring sex offender registration.

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