School shootings are the reason that colleges take weapon violations so seriously. Colorado includes Columbine, probably the most well-known, original school shooting for many adults. The state recently shut down most of the schools because someone flew from Florida in April with the intent to blow up a school. Most schools now take these threats seriously throughout the state. The problem with large university campuses is that not every building has a metal detector. They have different issues with people living on campus, unlike a high school, junior high, or elementary that are usually contained within a building or two. A college campus is not closed. People from the outside can walk on anytime. Security becomes a major problem with higher education institutions.

If you have been accused of possessing a weapon on campus, speak to Justie and Jenn at Colorado Lawyer Team immediately. Having an experienced student defense attorney on your side could help you mitigate the consequences. Speak to an attorney to get started building a Greenwood Village campus weapon defense.

Understanding Dangerous Weapons

Universities, colleges, and campuses have different definitions of what is considered illegal weapons. Most of the time, they refer to Colorado statutes. However, Colorado considers handguns illegal weapons if they are concealed, and the person does not have a concealed carry permit. Fully automatic weapons are considered illegal consistent with what universities are going to consider illegal as well. The university usually refers to the state code because it is all-encompassing in Colorado.

Colorado also has different types of knives that are blanketly considered illegal throughout the entire state. Large knives that are concealed on a person are big problems and are considered an illegal weapon in Colorado as well.

Student Handbooks Rules on Weapons

Most of the student handbooks have information about weapons on campus, especially in Colorado. CSU is an agricultural community and has rules on whether weapons are allowed in a dorm or their cars, whether they can open carry on campus or conceal carry on campus. That should all be available on the university’s website, as well as within the student handbook, which is usually available online.

How a Student Defense Attorney Could Help

Weapons on campus are dealt with more seriously than any other type of offense. If a student takes a plea for an offense involving a weapon in Colorado, they might be barred for the rest of their life from ever owning a weapon, especially in the case of firearms. They should know what rights they are giving up if found guilty of such a charge, and they should be aware of the implications beyond those in criminal courts.

Only an experienced student defense attorney can tell a person about all the collateral consequences to them, such as losing their federal aid, losing scholarships, losing a visa, and even being deported. Call Justie and Jenn at Colorado Lawyer Team today to learn about the nuances of building a Greenwood Village campus weapon defense.